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Web address www.wired.com
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Technology news
Owner Condé Nast Publishing;
formerly Lycos;
originally Wired magazine
Launched November 20, 1992; 29 years ago (1992-11-20)
Alexa rank
608 (as of April 1, 2014)[1]
Current status Active

The Wired website, formerly known as Wired News or HotWired, is an online technology news website launched in 1992[2] that split off from Wired magazine when the magazine was purchased by Condé Nast Publishing in the 1990s. Wired News was owned by Lycos not long after the split, until Condé Nast purchased Wired News on July 11, 2006. Competition from sites like the Drudge Report and The Political Simpleton slightly decreased after the 2006 purchase, due to the increase in advertising revenue.


Wired.com hosts several technology blogs on topics in transportation, security, business, new products, video games, the "GeekDad" blog on toys, creating websites, cameras, culture and science.

It also publishes the Vaporware Awards.

Wired Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of the Year

  • 2007: [3]
    • Transistors Get Way Smaller
    • Scientists Clone Rhesus Monkey to Produce Stem Cells
    • Planet Discovered That Could Harbor Life
    • Engineers Create Transparent Material as Strong as Steel
    • Soft Tissue from T. Rex Leg Bone Analyzed
    • Laboratory Mice Cured of Rett Syndrome
    • Enzymes Convert Any Blood Type to O
    • Mummified Dinosaur Excavated and Scanned
    • Chimpanzees Make Spears for Hunting
    • Researchers Turn Skin Cells to Stem Cells
  • 2008: [4]
    • Troubleshooting stem cell therapy
    • Turning water into fuel
    • Marking greenhouse gas levels – 800,000-year high
    • Building loudspeakers from carbon nanotubes
    • Sequencing entire genome of a cancer patient, including tumor
    • Breaking the petaflop barrier
    • Curing HIV in Germany
    • Finding another building block of life in our galaxy
    • Growing a new organ from a patient’s own stem cells
    • Finding ice on Mars
  • 2009: [5]
    • Element 114 Confirmed
    • Progress Toward a Vaccine for Dengue Fever
    • Breathalyzer Detects Lung Cancer
    • Computer Program Predicts Drug Side Effects
    • Jellyfish Stir Oceans
    • Bisphenol A in Plastics Harms Humans
    • Life Extension Breakthrough (for Rodents)
    • Schizophrenia in the Genome
    • Ardi Primate Usurps Lucy
    • Gene Therapy Makes a Comeback
  • 2010: [6]
    • Pigment structures of fossilized dinosaur
    • First self-replicating, synthetically designed life
    • The universe may be recycled
    • Australopithecus sediba skeleton
    • NDM-1 Superbug decoded
    • Embryo with genetic contributions from three parents
    • Extrasolar planet that could support liquid water
    • Self-recognition in rhesus macaques
    • HIV microbicide discovered
    • Water on the moon
  • 2011: [7]
    • Faster-than-light neutrinos detected?
    • Intelligent animals and emotional bees
    • A new link between aging cells and aging people
    • Chimps not needed for hepatitis C research
    • Extinct human ancestors survive in ours genes
    • Humanity hits & billion
    • Deregulation, speculation and the price of food
    • Bird flu comes true in the lab
    • A possibly habitable Kepler 22-b planet
    • Hints of the Higgs boson
  • 2012: [8]
    • Higgs boson discovered
    • Curiosity lands on Mars
    • The rise of rare variants
    • Genome sequencing for fetuses
    • Quantum teleportation distance record broken
    • Life's new chemical code
    • SpaceX launches to the International Space Station
    • Earth exoplanet twin
    • Scientists reach Antarctic Lake Vostok
    • Ending invasive chimp research
  • 2013: [9]
    • Humankind goes interstellar
    • Genome editing
    • Billion and billions of Earths
    • Global warming: a cause for the pause
    • See-through brains
    • Intergalactic neutrinos in IceCube
    • A new meat-eating mammal: olinguito
    • Pesticide controversy grows
    • Making organs from stem cells
    • Implantable eectronics
    • Dark matter LUX experiment
    • Fearful memory down to next generation
  • 2014: [10]
    • The Earth's water didn't come from comets
    • Hydrogen fuel is getting more viable
    • Richard III's body was identified
    • The first footage of a Black Sea Devil
    • Where the 2014 ebola outbreak began
    • Earth is not the only member of the solar system with oceans
    • The Amazon was once full of people
    • The best map yet of our place in the Universe
    • HIV infection can be totally blocked in monkeys
    • DNA can survive entry into the Earth's atmosphere

WikiLeaks affair

Wired was criticized[11][12] for its handling of the Adrian Lamo / Chelsea Manning logs. Wired contributor Kevin Poulsen used Lamo to obtain transcripts of the communications between Lamo and Bradley that led to Manning's arrest over the "WikiLeaks" in 2010. Poulsen released approximately one third of the logs, but he and Wired editor in chief Evan Hansen refused to release more on grounds of privacy. The issue became a subject of controversy,[13] when Poulsen and Hansen attacked Wired critic Glenn Greenwald.[14]


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