Without Feathers

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This article is about the book by Woody Allen. For the album by The Stills, see Without Feathers (album).
Without Feathers
First edition
Author Woody Allen
Language English
Publisher Random House
Publication date
12 May 1975
Media type Print (Hardcover and Paperback)
Pages 210 pp (hardcover edition) & 224 pp (paperback edition)
ISBN 978-0-394-49743-3 (hardcover edition)
OCLC 1217497
LC Class PS3551.L44 W5

Woody Allen's Without Feathers (1975, ISBN 0-394-49743-0) is one of his best-known literary pieces. The book spent four months on the New York Times Bestseller List. The book is a collection of essays and also features two one act plays, Death and God.

Title meaning

The title "Without Feathers" is a reference to Emily Dickinson's poem "'Hope' Is the Thing with Feathers", reflecting Woody Allen's neurotic sense of hopelessness. The Dickinson poem is mentioned in one of the stories in the collection.[1]


  1. Selections from The Allen Notebooks
  2. Examining Psychic Phenomena
  3. A Guide to Some of the Lesser Ballets
  4. The Scrolls
  5. Lovborg's Women Considered
  6. The Whore of Mensa[2]
  7. Death (A Play)
  8. The Early Essays
  9. A Brief Yet Helpful Guide to Civil Disobedience
  10. Match Wits With Inspector Ford
  11. The Irish Genius
  12. God (A Play)
  13. Fabulous Tales and Mythical Beasts
  14. But Soft. Real Soft.
  15. If the Impressionists Had Been Dentists
  16. No Kaddish for Weinstein
  17. Fine Times: An Oral Memoir
  18. Slang Origins

Notes and references

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