Wolf V. Vishniac

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Wolf V. Vishniac
Born (1922-04-22)April 22, 1922
Berlin, Germany
Died December 10, 1973(1973-12-10) (aged 51)
Asgard Range, Wright Valley, Antarctica
Nationality American
Fields Microbiology Astrobiology
Institutions University of Rochester
Spouse Helen Vishniac

Wolf Vladimir Vishniac (April 22, 1922 – December 10, 1973) was an American microbiologist, son of Roman Vishniac. Educated at Brooklyn College and Stanford University, he was a professor of biology at the University of Rochester. He died on a research trip to the Antarctic attempting to retrieve equipment in a crevice. The crater Vishniac on Mars is named in his honor.

Wolf Vishniac contributed greatly to the search for life on Mars by developing a special miniature laboratory that could be transported to that planet, known as the "Wolf Trap". This research was supported by a NASA grant started in 1959, the very first ever for the "biological sciences."[citation needed]

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In Culture

British psychedelic rock band Wolftraps on Mars are named after Wolf Vishniac's "wolf traps".