World Croquet Federation

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World Croquet Federation
File:Wcf logo150.jpg
Sport Croquet
Founded 1986
President Amir Ramsis Naguib
Secretary Stephen Mulliner
Official website

The World Croquet Federation (WCF) encourages, promotes and develops the recognised versions of the game of croquet internationally at all levels. National croquet associations around the world are members of the WCF, and the WCF sanctions championship croquet tournaments worldwide. The official rules of Golf Croquet are maintained by the WCF.

Member Countries

Croquet playing Nations must satisfy strict criteria prior to membership being accepted by the WCF.

Full Members

Australia, Canada, Egypt, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, and United States of America are Full Members of the WCF (as of 21 August 2014).

Associate Members

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and Wales are Associate Members of the WCF (as of 21 August 2014).

Observer Nations

Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, India, Isle of Man, Jersey, Portugal, Russia and Uruguay are Observer Nations of the WCF (as of 10 December 2015).

World Champions

Association Croquet

Year Winner Runner Up Venue
1989 New Zealand Joe Hogan England Mark Avery Hurlingham, London, England
1990 England Robert Fulford England Mark Saurin Hurlingham, London, England
1991 England John Walters England David Openshaw Hurlingham, London, England
1992 England Robert Fulford England John Walters Newport, Rhode Island, USA
1994 England Robert Fulford England Chris Clarke Carden Park, England
1995 England Chris Clarke England Robert Fulford Fontenay le Comte, France
1997 England Robert Fulford England Stephen Mulliner Bunbury, WA, Australia
2001 South Africa Reg Bamford England Robert Fulford Hurlingham, London, England
2002 England Robert Fulford New Zealand Toby Garrison Wellington, New Zealand
2005 South Africa Reg Bamford England Robert Fulford Cheltenham, England
2008 England Chris Clarke England Stephen Mulliner Christchurch, New Zealand
2009 South Africa Reg Bamford United States Ben Rothman West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
2012 South Africa Reg Bamford Australia Robert Fletcher Adelaide, Australia
2013 Australia Robert Fletcher New Zealand Paddy Chapman London, England

Women's Association Croquet

Year Winner Runner Up Venue
2012 New Zealand Jenny Clarke Australia Alison Sharpe Cairnlea, Australia
2015 England Miranda Chapman England Gabrielle Higgins Nottingham, England

Golf Croquet

Year Winner Runner Up Venue
1996 Egypt Khalid Younis Egypt Hisham Abousbaa Milan, Italy
1997 Egypt Salah Hassan Egypt Walid Salah Cairo, Egypt
1998 Egypt Khalid Younis United States Mik Mehas Leamington Spa, England
2000 Egypt Salah Hassan Egypt Yasser Esmat Cairo, Egypt
2002 Egypt Khalid Younis Egypt Salah Hassan West Palm Beach, USA
2004 Egypt Ahmed Nasr New Zealand Dennis Bulloch Southwick, England
2006 Egypt Mohammed Nasr Egypt Salah Hassan Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
2008 Egypt Ahmed Nasr South Africa Reg Bamford Cape Town, South Africa
2011 Republic of Ireland Mark McInerney Egypt Hisham Abousbaa Hurlingham, London, England
2013 South Africa Reg Bamford Egypt Ahmed Nasr Cairo, Egypt
2015 Egypt Ahmed El Mahdi Egypt Hami Erian Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

Women's Golf Croquet

Year Winner Runner Up Venue
2005 Egypt Nahed Hassan Egypt Iman El Faransawi Cairo, Egypt
2007 Egypt Iman El Faransawi Egypt Marwa Moustafa Dublin, Ireland
2009 Australia Alix Verge Egypt Iman El Faransawi Cairnlea, Victoria, Australia
2011 England Rachel Rowe New Zealand Jenny Clarke Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand
2014 South Africa Judith Hanekom New Zealand Jenny Clarke Cairo, Egypt

National Associations

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