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Yahoo! Buzz
Yahoo! Buzz logo
Type of site
Social content website
Registration Free
Owner Yahoo!
Launched February 26, 2008
Current status Defunct in the United States and Canada

Yahoo! Buzz was a community-based news article website, heavily derived from Digg, that combines the features of social bookmarking and syndication through a user interface that allows editorial control. Users can be allowed to publish their own news stories, and link to their own or another person's site that links to a full story of the information, therefore driving traffic to that person's website and creating a larger market for sites that research and publish their own news articles and stories, such as CNN or smaller, privately owned websites.

Yahoo! created the service in hopes that it would drive larger traffic to their site and would give them an advantage over larger online media companies such as Google or MSN, which are Yahoo!'s largest competitors in terms of search engines that provide services and web features to its customers. Unlike other social networking sites, Buzz allows the publisher to modify the submission.[1]

Yahoo! announced on April 19, 2011 that it was killing off Buzz as of April 21, 2011. "This was a hard decision. However this will help us focus on our core strengths and new innovations", the company wrote in a brief statement.[2][3][4]

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