Yahya ibn Idris ibn Umar

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Yahya IV
يحيى الرابع
Sultan of Morocco
Reign 904-917
Predecessor Yahia III ibn Al-Qassim
Successor Position abolished (Sultanate annexed to the Fatimid empire)
Full name
Yahya ibn Idris ibn Umar
Dynasty Idrisid
Father Idris ibn Umar
Religion Zaydi Shia Islam

Yahya ibn Idris ibn Umar (Arabic: يحيى بن إدريس بن عمر‎‎) was the ninth Idrisid ruler and sultan of Morocco. He took over after Yahya III in 904 and died in 917 when the Fatimids invaded Morocco.[1]

Fatimid rule of Morocco continued for 8 years after the death of Yahya IV and the Idrisids only regained power after the rebellion of Al-Hasan ibn Muhammad. Al-Hasan's rule however was short lived and lasted for only about 3 years before the Fatimids ousted him. The Fatimids ruled for 10 more years only to be once again overthrown by the Idrisids under the leadership of Al Qasim Guennoun.


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Preceded by
Yahya III
Idrisid dynasty
Succeeded by
Ubayd Allah al-Mahdi Billah of the Fatimid dynasty