Yessongs (film)

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This article is about the concert film. For the album of the same name, see Yessongs (album).
Directed by Peter Neal
Produced by Brian Lane, David Speechley
Starring Jon Anderson
Chris Squire
Steve Howe
Rick Wakeman
Alan White
Music by Yes
Edited by Philip Howe
Release dates
  • October 19, 1975 (1975-10-19)
Running time
76 minutes

Yessongs is a 1975 English-produced concert film featuring progressive rock band Yes performing during their Close to the Edge Tour in December 1972. The film contains live performances of nine songs, including tracks from Close to the Edge, the album supported by the tour.


Yessongs depicts a Yes concert at the Rainbow Theatre in London during the band's Close to the Edge Tour on 15 December 1972.[1] 'Close to the Edge' and 'Wurm' are the same performances as heard on the Yessongs LP/CD.


All titles written by Yes. "Excerpts from The Six Wives of Henry VIII" contains excerpts of "Jingle Bells" and "Hallelujah Chorus" from Messiah.

  1. "Overture"
  2. "I've Seen All Good People"
    1. "Your Move"
    2. "All Good People"
  3. Clap
  4. "And You and I"
    1. Cord of Life
    2. Eclipse
    3. The Preacher, The Teacher
    4. Apocalypse
  5. "Close to the Edge"
    1. The Solid Time of Change
    2. Total Mass Retain
    3. I Get Up, I Get Down
    4. Seasons of Man
  6. "Excerpts from The Six Wives of Henry VIII"
  7. "Roundabout"
  1. "Yours Is No Disgrace"
Closing credits
  1. "Würm" (Excerpt from "Starship Trooper")


The film was released on 17 December 1997 on DVD format.

On 30 April 2012, for the album's fortieth anniversary, the film was released on Blu-ray format in England (Region B locked) with bonus features including Howe's guitar short "Beginnings" (which was considered lost) and a "Yes 40 Years On" documentary.


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