Yoshio Tabata

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Yoshio Tabata
Background information
Birth name Yoshio Tabata
Also known as Bata-Yan
Born (1919-01-01)January 1, 1919
Mie prefecture, Japan
Died April 25, 2013(2013-04-25) (aged 94)
Tokyo, Japan
Genres Ryūkōka, Enka
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter
Instruments Electric guitar
Years active 1939–2013

Yoshio Tabata (田端義夫 Tabata Yoshio?, January 1, 1919 – April 25, 2013) was a Japanese ryūkōka and enka singer, songwriter, and electric guitarist.[1] His debut song "Shima no Funauta" (島の舟唄 literally "Island Ship Song"?) was released in 1939. Along with enka-shi Haruo Oka's 1939 debut, his debut had a big impact on Japanese popular music because Japanese popular ryūkōka music of that time was mainly sung by classical music singers such as Ichiro Fujiyama and Noriko Awaya.[2] He was born in Matsusaka, Mie prefecture, Japan.


  • Shima no Funauta (島の舟唄 Island Ship Song?) : 1939
  • Ume to Heitai (梅と兵隊 Plum and Soldier?) : 1941
  • Shima Sodachi (島育ち Growing in Island?) : 1962
  • Jūku no Haru (十九の春 Spring at the Age of 19?) : 1975
  • Shōwa San Dai ki (昭和三代記 Shōwa Three Generation Record?) : 1994
  • Hyaku-nen no Ai (百年の愛 Love For 100 Years?) : 1998 (Tribute song to Taro Shoji born in 1898)
  • Tabi no Owari ni Kiku Uta wa (旅の終わりに聞く歌は The song heard at the trip's end is?) : 2001


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