Young Black Jack

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Young Black Jack
File:Young Black Jack, volume 1.jpg
Cover of the first volume, released in May 2012.
ヤング ブラック・ジャック
(Yangu Burakku Jakku)
Written by Osamu Tezuka (original creator)
Yoshiaki Tabata (story)
Illustrated by Yūgo Ōkuma
Published by Akita Shoten
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Young Champion
Original run November 2011 – present
Volumes 9
Television drama
Directed by Kentaro Otani
Music by Yoshihiro Ike
Studio Toho Studios, Kadokawa Daiei Studio
Network Nippon TV
Original run April 23, 2011
Episodes 1
Anime television series
Directed by Mitsuko Kase
Written by Ryōsuke Takahashi
Music by Daisuke Ikeda
Studio Tezuka Productions
Licensed by
English network
Original run October 1, 2015December 17, 2015
Episodes 12 (List of episodes)
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Young Black Jack (ヤング ブラック・ジャック Yangu Burakku Jakku?) is a Japanese manga based on the manga Black Jack written by Osamu Tezuka, and is written by Yoshiaki Tabata and illustrated by Yūgo Ōkuma. It is serialized at Akita Shoten's Young Champion magazine in its November 2011 issue. An anime adaptation aired in Japan from October to December 2015.[2] The story follows Black Jack as a medical student in the 1960s.[3]


Kuroo Hazama (間 黒男 Hazama Kuroo)
Portrayed by: Masaki Okada (live-action drama), Voiced by: Yuichiro Umehara (anime)
Yabu ( Yabu)
Voiced by: Kōji Yusa (anime)
Maiko Okamoto (岡本 舞子 Okamoto Maiko)
Voiced by: Shizuka Itō (anime)
Tōrō Tachiiri (立入 灯郎 Tachiiri Tōrō)
Voiced by: Hiroki Touchi (anime)[4]
Doctor (軍医 Dokutā) / Kirī (キリー Kirī?)
Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe (anime)
Eri Imagami (今上 エリ Imagami Eri)
Raymond (レイモンド Reimondo)
Voiced by: Norihiro Inoue (anime)[4]
Tomezō Kanayama
Voiced by: Kazuo Oka (anime)
Voiced by: Takuya Eguchi (anime)
Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi (anime)
Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (anime)
Voiced by: Ryōtarō Okiayu (anime)
Voiced by: Hisafumi Oda (anime)
Hugo (ヒューゴ Hyugo)
Voiced by: Shunsuke Takeuchi (anime)
Voiced by: Kentarou Tone (anime)
Voiced by: Hiroki Yasumoto (anime)
Voiced by: M.A.O (anime)
Voiced by: Shōta Yamamoto (anime)
Maruo Hyakki (百樹丸雄 Hyakki Maruo)
Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano (anime)



The prequel manga based on Osamu Tesuka's Black Jack manga series is written by Yoshiaki Tabata, and illustrated by Yūgo Ōkuma. It began serialization at Akita Shoten's Young Champion magazine in its November 2011 issue.[3] Akita Shoten published the first tankōbon volume of the manga on May 18, 2012, and eight volumes have been released as of May 20, 2015.[5][6]

Live-action drama

A live-action TV special adaptation aired at April 23, 2011 at Nippon TV. The special starred lead actor Masaki Okada as young Black Jack. Kentaro Otani directed the special.[3]


A 12-episode[7] anime television series adaptation directed by Mitsuko Kase at Tezuka Productions is scheduled to air from October 1, 2015 at TBS, CBC, Sun TV, and BS-TBS.[2][4] The anime has been licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks.[8] It is also currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

Episode list

No. Title Original air date
1 "Where's the Doctor?"
"Isha wa Doko da!" (医者はどこだ!) 
October 2, 2015
After a tragic accident where a train collided with a bus stuck on the tracks, dozens of injured are rushed to a nearby hospital. There we are introduced to Black Jack as a young medical student who has undertaken the job of re-attaching an arm and leg of a young child caught in the accident. Seeing the boy as himself in the past, will Black Jack save the boys limbs during his first surgery as a student? 
2 "Abduction"
"Rachi" (拉致) 
October 9, 2015
After being kidnapped by a group of strange men, Black Jack and Yabu find themselves being offered a deal: the men will clear their debts in exchange for their heart. As it is revealed, the men work for a rich old man who is dying due to a weak heart. Now Black Jack has been hired to do the first heart transplant in Japan. Will he do the surgery and become a famous man, or will he falter over the fact that he will end an innocent life to do so? 
3 "Deserter"
"Dassouhei" (脱走兵) 
October 16, 2015
4 "In Vietnam Part 1"
"Betonamu nite sono 1" (ベトナムにて その 1) 
October 23, 2015
5 "In Vietnam Part 2"
"Betonamu nite sono 2" (ベトナムにて その 2) 
October 30, 2015
6 "In Vietnam Part 3"
"Betonamu nite sono 3" (ベトナムにて その 3) 
November 6, 2015
7 "Painless Revolution Part 1"
"Mutsu kakumei pato 1" (無痛革命パート 1) 
November 13, 2015
8 "Painless Revolution Part 2"
"Mutsu kakumei pato 2" (無痛革命パート 2) 
November 20, 2015
9 "The Gruesome Chronicle Part 1"
"Insan kuronikurupāto 1" (陰惨クロニクルパート 1) 
November 27, 2015
Hazama meets a lecturer, Hyakki Maruo, a quadruple amputee, who was originally one of the surgeons who operated on him alongside Dr. Honma. Hazama learns of Hyakki's unfortunate fate, his research in advanced mechanical prostheses, and his plans to return as a surgeon. Hyakki wants to have the new prostheses implanted on his body, but can't find someone willing, and so Hazama offers to do it, with success. Hyakki slowly proceeds to build his reputation, thus gaining a request to do an operation by his former school, Teito University. However, the plan was cancelled as someone sabotaged him by secretly sending pictures of him doing an autopsy using his prostheses. Shaken, Hyakki wishes to bade his friend Takara goodbye, only to overhear Takara and Professor Tano's conversation, seemingly about them deliberately causing the cancellation of Hyakki's scheduled operation. 
10 "The Gruesome Chronicle Part 2"
"Insan kuronikurupāto 2" (陰惨クロニクルパート 2) 
December 4, 2015
Police find a car that broke the road guard and fell onto a cliff below. The driver's body was severely burned, and the left arm noticeably missing. Hyakki is coincidentally MIA. This bewilders Takara and Professor Sabame. Detective Ban reveals to Takara that Tano was the dead body. Miyo (Hyakki's fiancee) asks Hazama of Hyakki's whereabouts, during which he informs her of the surgery's cancellation. Miyo reveals that the reservation for their wedding reception was also cancelled, prompting suspicion on their part. Hyakki tracks down Takara, reveals that he killed Tano, before proceeding to severe his left arm. Hazama and Okamoto find Takara on the street bleeding, during which they perform a quick ligation of the brachial artery before Takara bleeds to death. Hyakki also manages to find Sabame on the rooftop of a building, and cuts down his left leg. Sabame dies of bleeding. Takara wakes up three days later in the hospital, with Detective Ban reiterating the events that happened. Takara develops a nervous breakdown. Ban informs Hazama, Okamoto, and Miyo of the motive behind Hyakki's actions. Hazama suspects that there must be another reason for the murders. Hazama finds Hyakki in an old temple in the forest, and is shocked at the change in Hyakki's character. 
11 "The Gruesome Chronicle Part 3"
"Insan kuronikurupāto 3" (陰惨クロニクルパート 3) 
December 11, 2015
Hyakki and Hazama have a lengthy conversation, in which Hyakki divulges all the information that has led to his "accident": Takara and his associates were part of Assistant Director Daigo's faction, while Hyakki was part of Assistant Director Meio's faction. Daigo was involved in an issue concerning mishandling of funds, thus Meio became more famous and trusted. Not wanting to be outdone, Daigo's faction devised a plan to discredit Meio. They knew that Meio was on a seminar, and had a scheduled operation the day after. They hired a mechanic to make Meio's car non-functional so that Meio cannot make it to the scheduled operation in time, but instead the mechanic tampered with the brakes. Meio suddenly became ill, and Hyakki was asked to perform the operation in lieu. Thus Hyakki had the accident. Meio died of his illness soon after, and Daigo inherited the title of Director. After their conversation, Hazama was asked to leave. Hyakki had devised a plan to take down Daigo next, to which he succeeded in severing Daigo's left leg. Hyakki was apprehended by police, injuring his right eye in the process. Hazama approaches Takara to make him confess to the conspiracy, but Takara shifts the blame on to Hazama, citing that if he didnt operate on Hyakki, he wouldn't have killed people. Hazama walks away confused, sees the injured Hyakki on a bush, and performs an operation to save Hyakki's life. He asks Hyakki to surrender to the police, which Hyakki does. He is sentenced to death, but escapes jail thanks to a robotic eye implant Hazama put into him in the midst of the operation. Several years pass by, and now Hazama is seen swapping a surgeon per request, to which he is paid. Hyakki makes an unexpected visit to him, noting how Hazama chose the illegal path he is now treading. Hazama replies that he has seen and understood the ruthless nature of the medical field, and how he didnt want to be involved in it, even going so far as to state he's willing to become an enemy of the law to save patients. 
12 "The Season of Mania"   December 18, 2015
Hazama happens to see a student protest on the road, which is apprehended a police. He notices a young girl, Eri Imagami, who sprains her ankle. Hazama applies first-aid; it happens that Eri was one of Hazama's patients in the past, when he perfectly stitched up Imagami's gash in the face without any visible scarring. Imagami asks Hazama to give first-aid to her fellow protestors. One of them, Aoyama, remembers Hazama and so does he (Aoyama was one of the rebels on Episode 3, where Hazama performed a craniectomy on a deserter). Hazama reiterates that there is no need to impose their ideals on others, particularly him, and then leaves. The following day, Imagami tries to find Hazama at Honshin, and approaches Okamoto by mistake. Okamoto tells her that Hazama probably has a practicum since graduation is almost near. Imagami gives a letter to Okamoto and asks her to give it to Hazama. Reading it, Hazama is informed that Imagami has joined her comrades into hiding at the mountains of Gunma. Hazama goes there, and is shocked to see Aoyama beaten and tied up, and Imagami on bed having a series of injuries. Aoyama tells him that Imagami defended her when she wanted to stop being a rebel. Hazama is tied up too. Evening comes and Imagami suddenly has a seizure. Hazama pleads to the group leader to set him free so that he can operate on her, saying that if she dies, all of the rebels present are practically murderers. The leader relents, and Hazama proceeds to do an operation fixing a hemothorax, rib fractures, nose and orbital fractures, and an injured liver, to which he finishes the morning after. Hazama wants to go get painkillers and antibiotics, but the police suddenly come to do a sweep on the rebels. Hazama is put down forcibly, and Imagami suddenly rises up to ask them all to stop the violence. Police threw smoke grenades to cloud the rebels' vision. Imagami goes outside, to which she is shot in the chest as a result. In a dramatic conversation, Hazama tells to the dying Imagami that he will fix her again and again whenever she gets hurt, and that she was the first ever person whom he stitched up. Eri tells him that he is a genius, before dying in his arms. Hazama is arrested, but first-hand accounts from the rebels prove his innocence, setting him free. Time skips to after his graduation, where he pays up his debts to Tachiiri. Tachiiri congratulates him on becoming an intern, and tries to hire him into doing black market deals. Hazama declines, saying that those deals would come to him without anyone's help. And so begins Hazama's transformation into Black Jack. 


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