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Born Civene Muhammad Hafiz Nassim
(1951-03-10) March 10, 1951 (age 67)
Cairo, Egypt
Occupation Actress
Years active 1977–present
Spouse(s) "Khaled Selim "[1] ""

Yousra[1] (/ˈjɔːsrə/ YAWS-rə;[citation needed] Arabic: يسرا‎‎, IPA: [ˈjosɾɑ, ˈjʊsɾɑ]) is an Egyptian actress and singer. Her birth name is Civene Nassim, Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: [siˈveːn næˈsiːm]. She is the sister-in-law of actor Hesham Selim, son of famous Egyptian football player, actor and former president of Al Ahly, Saleh Selim. Yousra is considered as a glamorous icon for the Middle East. Recently many people have acknowledged that Yousra has reached a point where anything she has to say will be heard by more people and to greater effect than even those in authority.[2]


She first appeared in the 1980 film Athkiya' Laken Aghbiya (Smart yet Stupid). Then she has done many different roles with many different looks. She has done comedy, drama and entertainment.[3] Kasr Fi El Hawaa (Castle In the Air) by Abdel Halim Nasr in 1980, Fatah Tabhath Ann Alhob (A Girl Looking for Love) by Nader Galal in 1977, Alf Bossa Wa Bossa (A Thousand and One Kisses) by Mohamed Abdel Aziz in 1977 and Ebtessama Waheda Takfi (One Smile is Enough) by Mohamed Bassiyouni in 1978. These were followed by a number of successful films with Adel Emam such as Shabab Yarkoss Fawk Alnar (Youth Dancing on Fire) by Yehiya Al Alamy in 1978, Al Ensan Yaeesh Mara Waheda (Man Only Lives Once) by Simone Saleh in 1981, Ala Bab Al Wazeer (At the Door of the Minister) by Mohamd Abdel Aziz in 1982, Al Avocato (The Lawyer) by Raafat Al Mihi in 1984, Al Ins Wa Algen by Mohamed Radi in 1985, and Karakoun Fi El Shareih.

Later, Adel Emam and Yousra worked together in three different movies: Al Mansi (The Forgotten), Al Irhab Wal Kabab (Terrorism and Kebab), and Toyour Al Zalam (Birds of Darkness). In all three movies comedy was used to deliver an underlying political message to great critical and public acclaim.

A very important milestone in Yousra’s career was working with the famous Egyptian director Youssef Chahine. She acted in Chahine’s Hadduta Masreya (Egyptian Story) in 1982, Iskanderiya Kaman we Kaman (Alexandria Again and Again) in 1990, and Al Mohager (The Emigrant) in 1994. Yousra was very impressed with Chahine’s work, stating, “Youssef Chahine affected me on a personal and professional level. He is a school for anyone who works with him.”

She has made a number of the serial television dramas popular during Ramadan, including 2005's Ahlam 'Adiya (Ordinary Dreams). She portrayed an enterprising con woman in what the English version of Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram called "a major departure from the star's usual Ramadan screen persona, which has consistently verged on the romantic and the demure."[2]

In 2006, she took a supporting role in The Yacoubian Building, a star-laden adaptation of the novel of the same name. The film is reported to have had the highest budget of any Egyptian production to date. Playing an entertainer working in a restaurant, Youssra, according to Variety, "effortlessly stirs old emotional waters when she sings 'La Vie en Rose.'" [3]

Youssra released her first vocal album in 2002.

Her last work includes her role in the Ramadan Series "Saraya Abdein" 2014.

UNDP Goodwill Ambassador

Youssra has received over 50 awards in recognition for her work as a UNDP goodwill ambassador. Moreover, the Coptic Orphans, non-profit organization founded in 1989 and based in Merrifield, Virginia, has thanked Youssra for contributing their time and effort in helping the children.[4]

Political Views

Despite all the troubles and the tension between Algeria and Egypt after 2009 Egypt–Algeria World Cup dispute, the Egyptian actress Yousra assured that she will cheer for Algeria in the World Cup which will be held in South Africa.[5] She and Omar Sharif initially staged a protest against Algeria after Algeria accused Egypt of thuggary during the Algeria-Egypt football match.


Year Film Translation Name
1977 Alf Bosa Wi Bosa Thousand Kisses and A Kiss
1977 Fatah Tabhath Aan Al-Hob A Girl Searching For Love
1978 Ebtesama Smile
1978 Shabab Yarkos Fawqa An-Nar Youths Dancing on Fire
1979 Ushaq Al-Eshreen Lovers under 20
1980 Amal Eh El-Hob Fi Baba What did Love Do for Dad?
1980 Qasr fi Al-Hawaa A Mansion on Air
1981 Leilat Shitaa Dafeia A Warm Winter Night
1981 El Insaan Yaeesh Mara Waheda Man Is Living Once
1981 Karakoon Fi El Sharea A Prison In The Street
1982 Shitan Al-Gazeera Island's Devil
1982 Ala bab Al-Wazeer At Minister's Door
1982 Hadoota Masriyyia Egyptian story
1984 Al-Tha'r Revenge
1984 Al Avocato The Lawyer
1984 La Tasalny Man Ana Don't Ask Me Who I am!
1985 Al Ins Wal Gen Men and Jen
1985 As-Saaleeq The Servants
1985 Shaqat Al Ostaz Hasan Mr. Hasan's flat
1986 Al Bedaya The Beginning
1986 Al Galsa Al Serriya The Secret Meeting
1986 Abl El Waddaa Before Goodbye
1986 Wasmet Aar Stigma
1987 At-Taweeza Taweeza
1987 Al Laeeba
1987 Sekket En-Nadama The Way of Remorse
1987 Asfoor Laho Aneyaab Birds' Teeth
1987 Li Adam Kefayet El Adellah Insufficient Proofs
1988 Sarkhet Nadam Cry of Remorse

1987? Darb el Hawa

1988 Emra'a Lel Asaf Unfortunately Woman
1989 Iskendria Kaman Wi Kaman Alexandria Again and Again
1989 Kaboos Nightmare
1990 El Moolid Mawlid
1990 Gizeeret El Shaitan Devil's Island
1991 Al-Ra'i wal Nisaa The Shepherd and the Wome
1991 Sayedat Al-Qahira Cairo's Mistress
1992 Al-Shares The Fierce
1992 Emra'a Ayela Lel Soqoot A Non-Secure Woman
1993 Al-Mansi The Forgotten
1993 Mercedes Mercedes
1993 Al Erhab Wi El-Kabab Terrorism and Kebab
1993 Dehk Wa Le'b Wa Gad Wa Hob Laugh, entertainment, seriousness and Love
1993 Dantilla Dantelle
1994 Al-Mohager The Immigrant
1996 Teyoor Ez-Zalaam The Birds of Darkness
1996 Nazwa Lust
1997 Eish El-Ghoraab
1998 Resala Ela Al-Wali A Message to the Wāli
2001 Al-Asefa The Tempest
2001 Al-Warda Al-Hamra Red Rose
2002 Maali Al-Wazzir The Minister's Excellency
2004 Iskendria New York Alexandria... New York
2005 Kalam Fil Hob Talk In Love
2005 Dam El Ghazaal Gazelle's blood
2006 Emaret Yaccobian The Yacoubian Building
2006 Mateegy Nor'os Let's Dance
2009 Bobbos Bobbos 9
Game Over Game Over leaca


Year Title Translation Role
1978 Goha Wa Banat Al-Shahbandar
1979 Anf we 3 Eyion Nose and 3 Eyes
1994 Rafat Al-Haggan Rafat Al-Haggan (Name) Helen Samhoon
1996 Hayat El-Gohari Al Gohari's Life Hayat
2000 Awan El Ward Flowers Time Amal
2002 Ayna Qalbi Where Is My Heart Faten
2003 Malak Rohi King of My Soul Malak
2004 Ahlam Adiyyia Normal Dreams Nadia Anzaha
2006 Lahazat Harega Critical Moments Sarah
2007 Adiyyeit Raie Aam A Public Opinion Case Abla
2008 Fi Aydee Amina In Safe Hands Amina
2009 Khas Giddan[6] Up Close and Personal Dr. Sherifa[7]
2010 El Arabi maa Yousra The Arab with Youssra Herself
2010 Bel Shamaa Al-Ahmar In Red Wax Dr. Fatma
2012 Sharbat Louz Sharbat Louz (Name) Sharbat
2014 Sarayat Abdeen Abdeen Palace Khoshyar Hanim/ El Walda Pasha


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