Youth of the Socialist People's Party

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Socialistisk Folkepartis Ungdom
Chairperson Carl Valentin
Founded 1969
Headquarters Blegdamsvej 24A, 2200 Copenhagen N
Ideology Socialism
Mother party Socialist People's Party

Socialistisk Folkepartis Ungdom (Youth of the Socialist People's Party) is the youth wing of the Socialist People's Party of Denmark, founded in 1969. In 2008 it became the biggest youth party political organisation in Denmark.[1]

In 1995, the leftist section of the SFU (essentially the Copenhagen branch) broke away and formed Independent Young Socialists (UUS), which evolved into the Socialist Youth Front.

Since 2000, the SFU has made a left turn and grown to be the largest socialist youth organisation in Denmark. In 2008, SFU consisted of over 3000 members, 16 regional departments and more than 100 local branches.

In 2002, the small non-marxist section of the SFU left the organisation, mainly for the mother party or for the Social Democrats.


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