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The Prva Liga, operated by the Football Association of Yugoslavia, began holding national competitions in 1923. This spawned many new opportunities for teams to be organized, and prospective footballers looking to join. The boom began right after the First World War, and continued well until the break out of the Second World War.

Following World War II, many teams were either "renovated" with new management and players, or simply dissolved and leaving a vacuum needing to be filled by new teams. Many of those "Post-war" teams are still in existence and turned to be the most successful teams in the former Yugoslavia.

Pre-World War I Clubs (Kingdom of Serbia and parts of Austria-Hungary)

Club Year City Description Dissolution
Srpski mač Beograd 1897 Belgrade, Kingdom of Serbia N/A 1911
Prvo srpsko loptačko društvo 1899 (?), Kingdom of Serbia Dissolved after one game. 1899
Bačka Subotica 1901 Subotica, Vojvodina Founded as SAK Bačka, in Austria-Hungary until 1918. Still active
Beogradski Akademski SK 1903 Belgrade, Kingdom of Serbia Founded as SK Soko, renamed BASK in 1931. Still active
Šumadija Kragujevac 1903 Kragujevac, Kingdom of Serbia N/A Still active
Subotički SK 1903 Subotica, Vojvodina Founded in Austro-Hungary until 1918. 1941
NK Zrinjski Mostar 1905 Mostar, Herzegovina Founded in Austro-Hungary until 1918. Still active
OFK Kikinda 1909 Kikinda, Vojvodina founded as NAK, Austria-Hungary until 1918, 1918-1919 called KAK, 1919-1932 AK Srbija, 1932-1945 SK Sloga, 1945-1970s FK 6. Oktobar, since 1970s OFK Kikinda Still active
Beogradski SK 1911 Belgrade, Kingdom of Serbia BSK; 1945-1950 Metalac Beograd, 1950-1954 BSK Beograd, 1950–present OFK Beograd Still active
FK Takovo 1911 Gornji Milanovac, Kingdom of Serbia Still active
FK Javor Ivanjica 1912 Ivanjica, Kingdom of Serbia N/A Still active
Somborski SK 1912 Sombor, Vojvodina Founded in Austro-Hungary until 1918, named Somborski SK or SSK Sombor until 1945, FK Radnički Sombor 1945–present. Still active
SK Jugoslavija Beograd 1913 Belgrade, Serbia founded as SK Velika Srbija (SC Great Serbia), changed name 1919 to Jugoslavija, 1941-1944 called SK 1913, dissolved 1945 and refounded as FK Crvena zvezda (Red Star Belgrade). June 1945
FK Vojvodina 1914 Novi Sad, Vojvodina Initially known as SK Vojvodina, it merged in 1946 with FK Radnički Novi Sad and FK Slavija Novi Sad into FK Sloga Novi Sad, in 1950 renamed FK Vojvodina. Still active
RSK Lovćen Cetinje 1905 Cetinje, Kingdom of Montenegro N/A N/A

Pre-World War II Clubs (Kingdom of Yugoslavia)

Club Year City Description Dissolution
FK Bor 1919 Bor, Serbia N/A N/A
NK Jedinstvo Bihać 1919 Bihać, Bosnia N/A N/A
NK Čelik Zenica 1921 Zenica, Bosnia N/A N/A
FK Željezničar Sarajevo 1921 Sarajevo, Bosnia N/A N/A
FK Velež Mostar 1922 Mostar, Herzegovina N/A N/A
NK Travnik 1922 Travnik, Bosnia N/A N/A
FK Radnički Niš 1923 Niš, Serbia N/A N/A
NK Jadran Visoko 1923 Visoko, Bosnia Merged with Radnički to form NK Bosna 1953
FK Budućnost Podgorica 1925 Podgorica, Montenegro N/A N/A
FK Žarkovo 1925 Žarkovo, Serbia N/A N/A
FK Sloboda Tuzla 1925 Tuzla, Bosnia N/A N/A
FK Leotar Trebinje 1925 Trebinje, Bosnia N/A N/A
FK Borac Banja Luka 1926 Banja Luka, Bosnia N/A N/A
FK Borac Čačak 1926 Čačak, Serbia N/A N/A
FK Rudar Kakanj 1928 Kakanj, Bosnia N/A N/A
FK Krajina Cazin 1932 Cazin, Bosnia N/A N/A
NK Radnički Visoko 1934 Visoko, Bosnia Merged with Jadran to form NK Bosna 1953
NK Herceg Stjepan, Goražde 1918 Goražde, Bosnia Merged with GOŠK Goražde to form FK Radnički Goražde. 1961

Post-War Clubs (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia)

Club Year City Description Dissolution
FK Kozara Bosanska Gradiška 1945 Kozara, Bosnia N/A N/A
FK Sarajevo 1946 Sarajevo, Bosnia N/A N/A
NK Iskra Bugojno 1947 Bugojno, Bosnia N/A N/A
FK Budućnost Banovići 1947 Banovići, Bosnia N/A N/A
NK Posušje 1950 Posušje, Herzegovina N/A N/A
FK Mladost Lučani 1952 Lučani, Serbia N/A N/A
NK Bosna Visoko 1953 Visoko, Bosnia Created by merging NK Radnički and NK Jadran N/A
NK Brotnjo 1955 Čitluk, Herzegovina N/A N/A
FK Rad Beograd 1958 Belgrade, Serbia N/A N/A
FK Mladost Gacko 1970 Gacko, Bosnia N/A N/A

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