Yugoslavia at the Olympics

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Yugoslavia at the Olympic Games

Flag of Yugoslavia
IOC code  YUG
NOC Yugoslav Olympic Committee
Olympic history
Summer Games
Winter Games
Other related appearances
 Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992 S–)
 Croatia (1992–)
 Independent Olympic Participants (1992S)
 Kosovo (2016–)
 Macedonia (1996–)
 Montenegro (2008–)
 Serbia and Montenegro (1996–2006)
 Serbia (1912; 2008–)
 Slovenia (1992–)

Teams from Yugoslavia first participated at the Olympic Games in 1920. Previously, several athletes from Croatia, Slovenia and Vojvodina had competed for Austria or Hungary when those countries were part of the Empire of Austria-Hungary. A small team of two athletes had competed distinctly for Serbia at the 1912 Summer Olympics.

Yugoslavia has been the designation for Olympic teams from three distinct national entities:

Two of the successor nations (Croatia and Slovenia) began to compete as independent teams at the Olympics starting at the 1992 Winter Games and Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 1992 Summer Games and as of the 2008 Summer Olympics, all six successor nations, former socialist republics, have participated independently. Kosovo, a former autonomous province, will make its Olympic debut as an independent national team at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Timeline of participation

The Yugoslav Olympic Committee was established in Zagreb in 1919 (recognized by the IOC in 1920), before moving to Belgrade in 1927, and it took the place of the Serbian Olympic Committee in the Association of National Olympic Committees. During the dissolution of Yugoslavia, several new committees were formed in the break-away countries, while FR Yugoslavia inherited the place of the YOC. Nowadays, Serbia is considered the only direct successor of Yugoslavia.[1]

Date Team
1912  Serbia (SRB)
1920–1988  Yugoslavia (YUG)
1992 W–  Croatia (CRO)  Slovenia (SLO)
1992 S  Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)  Independent Olympic Participants (IOP)
1996–2006  Macedonia (MKD)  Serbia and Montenegro (SCG)
2008–  Serbia (SRB)  Montenegro (MNE)
2016–  Serbia (SRB)  Kosovo (KOS)

Hosted Games

Yugoslavia has hosted the Games on one occasion.

Games Host city Dates Nations Participants Events
1984 Winter Olympics Sarajevo 8 – 19 February 49 1,272 39

Medal tables by Games

*Red border color indicates tournament was held on home soil.

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