Zama and Shibuya shootings

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Zama and Shibuya shootings
Location Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture and Shibuya, Tokyo in Japan
Date July 29, 1965
11:00–19:18 (UTC+09:00)
Attack type
Spree shooting, hostage crisis, shootout
Weapons Rifle
Deaths 1
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrator Misao Katagiri

The Zama and Shibuya shootings were the double spree shootings in Japan on July 29, 1965 by Misao Katagiri (片桐 操 Katagiri Misao?, April 15, 1947 – July 21, 1972), which left one police officer dead and 17 people injured, at the conclusion of which he was captured by police officers. Katagiri was later executed.[1]

Katagiri was born in Setagaya, Tokyo and reportedly loved guns. On July 29, 1965, he shot dead one policeman and injured another with a rifle in Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture. He stole a handgun and hijacked four cars. In Shibuya, Tokyo, he entered a gun shop near the Shibuya fire station and took four hostages, which resulted in a gun battle with the police. About 5,000 people, including Norio Nagayama, witnessed the gunfight, during which he injured 16 people.[2] One hostage attacked him and police officers eventually captured him.

Katagiri was sentenced to death and was executed on July 21, 1972.


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