Zomet Institute

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Founded 1990
Founder Rabbi Yisrael Rozen
Focus Halakha, Technology, Medicine
Area served
Method Research & development of halachicly compliant technology.
Website http://www.zomet.org.il/ (Hebrew)

The Zomet Institute (Hebrew: מכון צומת‎, Makhon Tzomet, Tzomet being an acronym for Tzevtei Mada veTorah (Hebrew: צוותי מדע ותורה‎), lit. Teams of Science and Torah) is an Israeli high-tech non-profit organization specializing in IT equipment and electronic appliances designed to meet Halakha.

The company

It was established in Alon Shvut by Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, who also founded and headed the Administration of Conversion to Judaism of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.[1] Today he serves as a Dayan - Rabbinic Judge on the Beit Din for Conversion.[2]

The company has developed solutions for operating electrical appliances on the Shabbat and other Jewish holidays. Appliances made by the institute are used in Jewish observant homes,[3][4] as well as in public organizations such as hospitals,[5] the Israel Police[6] and the Israel Defense Forces.[7][8]

Although the Zomet Institute is affiliated with Modern Orthodox Judaism,[9] Rozen often consults other rabbis and his halachic rulings have received endorsements from authorities including the late Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach[10][11] and Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth.[12]


  • Tehumin - an annual compilation of psakim (religious rulings dealing with modern Jewish life, technology and law). Published since 1980 (5740)[13]
  • Crossroads: Halacha and the Modern World - An English translation of Selected articles from Tehumin[14]
  • Shabbat B'Shabbato - A weekly leaflet in Hebrew distributed for the past two decades in synagogues across Israel.[15] Shabbat B'Shabbato is also translated into English.


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