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File:צבי אלפלג.jpg
Zvi Elpeleg at the wedding of his young brother, Yerach

Zvi Elpeleg (1926 – 27 June 2015) was an academic, author, and a senior researcher at the Dayan Institute at Tel Aviv University.[1] Born in Poland, Elpeleg served as a colonel in the Israeli army[2] and later received an ambassadorial appointment.[3] Elpeleg was born in 1926 in Brenov, Poland to his parents Rivka (Zayfntreger) and Yosef Elphlang. His father was a carpenter and his mother a house wife. Elpeleg was the second of four siblings: Hadasa (1924), David (1928) and Yerachmiel (1929). In 1934 the family came to Israel and settled in the Makabi-Tzrifim neighbourhood in Jaffa. Following David Ben-Gurion instruction that officers should change their family name to a Hebrew one, Elpeleg changed his name from Elphlang to Elpeleg. In the mid-1950s Elpeleg was the military governor of the Triangle and from 1956 to 1957 the military governor of Gaza.[2][4] He became Israel's first military governor of the West Bank in 1967.[1] He would repeat the role during the Israeli occupation of the Fayid region in Egypt in 1973, and again in occupied South Lebanon in 1982.[2]

He served as Israel's ambassador to Turkey from 1995 to 1997.[5]

He entered academia as an Arabist and, since 1972, he has been attached, as senior researcher, to the Dayan Institute.[2] He has authored a biography of Haj Amin al-Husseini,[6] which is considered one of the standard works on the man.

Zvi Elpeleg served as chairman of the Turkey-Israel Friendship Association and was appointed Turkey's honorary consul to Tel Aviv by the former Turkish president Süleyman Demirel[7] in gratitude for the role he played in overseeing Israeli IDF Aid for Turkish Earthquake Victims in August 1999.[8]

He was married to the poet Michal Snunit. Elpeleg died on 27 June 2015.[9]


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