Ha Wiji

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Ha Wiji
Hangul 하위지
Hanja 河緯地
Revised Romanization Ha Wiji
McCune–Reischauer Ha Wiji
Pen name
Hangul 단계, 연풍
Hanja 丹溪, 延風
Revised Romanization Dan-gye, Yeonpung
McCune–Reischauer Tan'gye, Yŏnp'ung
Courtesy name
Hangul 천장, 중장
Hanja 天章, 仲章
Revised Romanization Cheonjang, Jungjang
McCune–Reischauer Ch'ŏnjang, Chungjang

Ha Wiji (1387–1456) was a scholar-official of the early Joseon Dynasty, and is remembered as one of the six martyred ministers. He was born to a yangban family of the Jinju Ha lineage. He passed the lower national service examination in 1435 and received the top score on the higher examination in 1438. He was appointed to the Hall of Worthies by Sejong, and became the leader (gyori) of that institution in 1442. He participated in the editing of various histories and other texts.

Ha withdrew from government service in 1453 after the murder of Kim Jongseo by Prince Suyang (later King Sejo). However, he returned not long thereafter and was made vice-minister of rites by Danjong in 1455. In that year, Danjong was overthrown by Sejo. Ha joined in a plot to overthrow Sejo and restore Danjong in 1456, but the plot was uncovered through the betrayal of fellow plotter Kim Jil. Refusing to repent from his deeds after torture, Ha was put to death.

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