Westminster John Knox

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Westminster John Knox
Parent company Presbyterian Publishing Corporation
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Louisville, Kentucky
Official website www.wjkbooks.com

Westminster John Knox is in Louisville, Kentucky and is part of Presbyterian Publishing Corporation, the publishing arm of the Louisville, Kentucky based Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).[1] Their publishing focus is on books in:

"theology, biblical studies, preaching, worship, ethics, religion and culture, and other related fields for four main markets: scholars and students in colleges, universities, seminaries, and divinity schools; preachers, educators, and counselors working in churches; members of mainline Protestant congregations; and general readers. Geneva Press publishes books specifically related to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)."[2]


Westminster John Knox publishes scholarly works in religion for the academic community. They also publish "nationally recognized trade books for general readers, and essential resources for ministry and the life of faith." They have over 1,600 books in print and a publishing heritage that dates to 1838.[3] In 2001 they had to reduce staff by 20%.[4]

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