1944 German football championship

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1944 German championship final
Replica of the Viktoria trophy
Event German football championship
Date 18 June 1944
Venue Olympiastadion, Berlin
Referee Trompetter
Attendance 70,000

The 1944 German football championship, the 37th edition of the competition, was won by Dresdner SC, the club defending its 1943 title by defeating Luftwaffe team LSV Hamburg in the final.[1][2]

The final years of the German Championship during the war saw many military teams compete in the championship, Luftwaffe teams, Luftwaffensportvereine, short LSV, and, Wehrmacht teams, Wehrmachtssportvereine, short WSV, became very competitive.[3]

Dresden's Helmut Schön who would later coach Germany to the 1974 FIFA World Cup, became the top scorer of the 1944 championship with 14 goals, the second-highest individual amount of any player in the history of the competition from 1903 to 1963.[4]

It was the last edition of the tournament during the Second World War with the competition not held again until 1948. The thirty one 1943–44 Gauliga champions, two more than in the previous season,[5] competed in a single-leg knock out competition to determine the national champion.[6]

Dresdner SC became the last club to be awarded the Viktoria, the annual trophy for the German champions from 1903 to 1944. The trophy disappeared during the final stages of the war, did not resurface until after the German reunification and was put on display at the DFB headquarters in Frankfurt until 2015, when it was moved to the new Deutsches Fußballmuseum in Dortmund.[7]

Qualified teams

The teams qualified through the 1943–44 Gauliga season:[6]

Club Qualified from
VfR Mannheim Gauliga Baden
MSV Brünn Gauliga Böhmen und Mähren
Hertha BSC Gauliga Berlin-Brandenburg
LSV Danzig Gauliga Danzig-Westpreußen
FC Mühlhausen 93 Gauliga Elsaß
LSV Mölders Krakau Gauliga Generalgouvernement
LSV Hamburg Gauliga Hamburg
Kickers Offenbach Gauliga Hessen-Nassau
KSG VfL 99 Köln/SpVgg Sülz 07 Gauliga Köln-Aachen
Borussia Fulda Gauliga Kurhessen
LSV Rerick Gauliga Mecklenburg
SV Dessau 05 Gauliga Mitte
TuS Neuendorf Gauliga Moselland
KSG Duisburg Gauliga Niederrhein
STC Hirschberg Gauliga Niederschlesien
1. FC Nuremberg Gauliga Nordbayern
Germania Königshütte Gauliga Oberschlesien
WSV Celle Gauliga Osthannover
First Vienna Gauliga Ostmark
VfB Königsberg Gauliga Ostpreußen
HSV Groß-Born Gauliga Pommern
Dresdner SC Gauliga Sachsen
Holstein Kiel Gauliga Schleswig-Holstein
FC Bayern Munich Gauliga Südbayern
NSTG Brux Gauliga Sudetenland
Eintracht Braunschweig Gauliga Südhannover-Braunschweig
SDW Posen Gauliga Wartheland
SpVgg Wilhelmshaven Gauliga Weser-Ems
FC Schalke 04 Gauliga Westfalen
KSG Saarbrücken Gauliga Westmark
SV Göppingen Gauliga Württemberg

1st Preliminary

Team 1  Score  Team 2
16 April 1944[8]
LSV Danzig 0–0 Hertha BSC
HSV Groß Born 6–4 LSV Rerick
STC Hirschberg 7–0 SDW Posen
Dresdner SC 9–2 Germania Königshütte
LSV Hamburg 4–0 WSV Celle
Eintracht Braunschweig 1–2 SpVgg Wilhelmshaven
FC Schalke 04 5–0 TuS Neuendorf
KSG Köln-Sülz 0–2 KSG Duisburg
FC Mühlhausen 93 4–2 Kickers Offenbach
SV Göppingen 3–5 KSG Saarbrücken
VfR Mannheim 2–1 FC Bayern Munich
NSTG Brüx 0–8 1. FC Nuremberg
MSV Brno 3–6 First Vienna
SV Dessau 05 2–3 Holstein Kiel
LSV Mölders Krakau 1–4 VfB Königsberg
Team 1  Score  Team 2
23 April 1944
Hertha BSC 7–1 LSV Danzig

2nd Preliminary

Team 1  Score  Team 2
7 May 1944[9]
VfB Königsberg 3–10 HSV Groß Born
First Vienna 5–0 STC Hirschberg
Hertha BSC 4–2 Holstein Kiel
Borussia Fulda 2–9 Dresdner SC
SpVgg Wilhelmshaven 1–1 LSV Hamburg
KSG Duisburg 2–1 FC Schalke 04
KSG Saarbrücken 5–3 FC Mühlhausen 93
1. FC Nuremberg 3–2 VfR Mannheim
Team 1  Score  Team 2
14 May 1944
LSV Hamburg 4–2 SpVgg Wilhelmshaven


Team 1  Score  Team 2
21 May 1944[10]
Dresdner SC 3–2 First Vienna
KSG Saarbrücken 1–5 1. FC Nuremberg
HSV Groß Born 3–2 Hertha BSC
LSV Hamburg 3–0 KSG Duisburg


4 June 1944
LSV Hamburg 3 – 2 HSV Groß Born
Mühle Goal 7'30'
Gornick Goal 19'
Report Plener Goal 59'
Sold Goal 63' (pen.)
Hindenburg-Kampfbahn, Hannover
Attendance: 20,000
Referee: Raspel

4 June 1944
Dresdner SC 3 – 1 1. FC Nuremberg
Voigtmann Goal 4'
Machate Goal 26'
Schön Goal 73' (pen.)
Report Hettner Goal 44' (pen.)
Mitteldeutsche Landeskampfbahn, Erfurt
Attendance: 35,000
Referee: Multer

3rd Place


18 June 1944
Dresdner SC 4 – 0 LSV Hamburg
Voigtmann Goal 20'
Schaffer Goal 50'85'
Schön Goal 60'
Olympiastadion, Berlin
Attendance: 70,000
Referee: Trompetter
' Germany Willibald Kreß
' Germany Heinz Hempel
' Germany Fritz Belger
' Germany Helmut Schubert
' Germany Walter Dzur
' Germany Rudi Voigtmann
' Germany Helmut Schön
' Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia Heinrich Schaffer
' Germany Herbert Pohl
' Germany Fritz Machate
' Germany Richard Hofmann
Germany Georg Köhler
' Germany Willy Jürissen
' Germany Reinhold Münzenberg
' Germany Karl Miller
' Germany Heinrich Gärtner
' Germany Walter Ochs
' Germany Heinz Mühle
' Germany Robert Gebhardt
' Germany Fritz Zahn
' Germany Jakob Lotz
' Germany Ludwig Janda
' Germany Willi Gornick
Germany Karl Höger


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