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1987 in home video:

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Video releases

The following movies were released on video on the following dates:

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Title Studio Release date Genre Notes
Howard the Duck Universal January 1987 Comedy, Sci-fi
Labyrinth TriStar January 27, 1987 Drama, Family, Fantasy
Flight of the Navigator Disney January 27, 1987 Family, Sci-fi
The Karate Kid Part II Sony January 29, 1987 Action, Family
Aliens 20th Century Fox February 1987 Horror, Sci-fi
Armed and Dangerous Sony February 1987 Comedy
Big Trouble in Little China 20th Century Fox February 1987 Adventure, Comedy
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives Paramount February 1987 Horror
The Transformers: The Movie FHE February 1987 Family, Sci-fi
Top Gun Paramount March 11, 1987 Action, Adventure, Drama
Stand by Me Sony March 19, 1987 Drama
Bon Voyage! (1962) Disney March 24, 1987 Comedy, Family
A Room with a View Merchant Ivory March 26, 1987 Drama, Romance
Deadly Friend Warner Bros. March 1987 Horror, Sci-fi
The Fly 20th Century Fox March 1987 Horror
Blue Velvet United Artists April 1987 Drama
Ferris Bueller's Day Off Paramount April 1987 Comedy
Children of a Lesser God Paramount May 1987 Drama, Romance
Little Shop of Horrors Warner Bros. June 1987 Comedy, Horror
The Color of Money Touchstone July 1987 Drama
The Color Purple Warner Bros. July 9, 1987 Epic, Drama
The Golden Child Paramount July 1987 Comedy, Fantasy
Crocodile Dundee Paramount August 5, 1987 Comedy
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors New Line/Media August 5, 1987 Horror
Three Amigos! Orion/HBO August 5, 1987 Comedy
Critical Condition Paramount August 12, 1987 Comedy
Over the Top Warner Bros. August 14, 1987 Action, Drama
Radio Days Orion August 19, 1987 Comedy
An American Tail Universal September 3, 1987 Animation, Family
Hoosiers Orion September 9, 1987 Drama, Sports
Blind Date Sony September 17, 1987 Romantic Comedy
The Red Shoes (1948) Paramount September 23, 1987 Musical
The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) Warner Bros. September 24, 1987 Adventure, Drama
Angel Heart Sony September 24, 1987 Horror, Suspense
Raising Arizona 20th Century Fox September 24, 1987 Action, Comedy
Evil Dead II Anchor Bay September 1987 Horror
Light of Day Sony September 1987 Musical, Drama
Mannequin 20th Century Fox/Media September 1987 Romantic Comedy, Fantasy
Some Kind of Wonderful Paramount September 1987 Drama, Romance
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Paramount September 30, 1987 Sci-fi
Lady and the Tramp (1955) Disney October 6, 1987 Animation, Family The main centerpiece of Disney's "Absolutely Irresistible" promotion!
Platoon Vestron/Orion October 14, 1987 Action, Adventure, Drama Winner of 4 Academy Awards, including Best Picture of 1986!
84 Charing Cross Road Sony October 15, 1987 Drama
Creepshow 2 New World October 28, 1987 Horror
Lethal Weapon Warner Bros. October 28, 1987 Action, Drama
River's Edge HBO October 28, 1987 Drama
Project X 20th Century Fox October 29, 1987 Comedy, Sci-fi, Thriller
Street Smart Cannon/Thorn EMI October 1987 Drama
Extreme Prejudice Sony November 12, 1987 Action, Drama, Western
Harry and the Hendersons Universal Pictures November 12, 1987 Comedy, Family
Ishtar Sony November 17, 1987 Comedy
Tin Men Touchstone November 1987 Comedy
Roxanne Sony December 10, 1987 Romantic Comedy
The Secret of My Succe$s Universal December 10, 1987 Comedy
The Fourth Protocol Lorimar December 1987 Action, Drama
The Gate HBO December 1987 Horror
Masters of the Universe Cannon/Warner Bros. December 1987 Sci-fi
Summer School Paramount December 1987 Comedy
The Wraith Orion December 1987 Drama, Horror
Youngblood United Artists December 1987 Drama, Romance


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Television.svg This film, television or video-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it with reliably sourced additions.