Al Dente (film)

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Al Dente
Directed by Mark Brierley
Cinematography Fred Reed
Distributed by AtomFilms
Release dates
Running time
2 min
Country UK
Language English

Al Dente is a 1998 short film created by Aardman Animations.


James Pursey did the sound, and Fred Reed was the lighting technician.[1]


IMDb explains "A punctilious waiter at the Steak Barn is taken aback when a diner orders the vegetarian option. Regardless of how glistening and sharp the restaurant's knives, how large the type of the menu's meat dishes, how baleful the Italian's eye when he takes the order, and how argumentative the cook, the customer steadfastly awaits crudités. Who could this naif be?"[2]


  • Mike Cooper - Waiter / cook (voice)

Critical reception

On IMDb, Al Dente received a rating of 5.4/10 from 82 users.[2] Dr. Grob gave the film one star out of five, saying the film appears more primitive than Aardman's previous computer animation short film, Owzat, and that the film "doesn’t feature any backgrounds of notice, and the main character, a grumpy waiter who has to serve a vegetarian meal at a meat restaurant, looks primitive and unimaginative. The film is utterly mediocre and, like Owzat, probably would never have been released were it not an Aardman production."[3]