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File:Anti-Duhring (German edition).gif
The German edition
Author Friedrich Engels
Original title Herrn Eugen Dührings Umwälzung der Wissenschaft
Language German
Subject Philosophy
Media type Print

Anti-Dühring (German: Herrn Eugen Dührings Umwälzung der Wissenschaft) is a book by Friedrich Engels, first published in German in 1878. It had previously been serialised in a periodical. There were two further German editions in Engels' lifetime. Anti-Dühring was first published in English translation in 1907.[1]

This work was Engels's major contribution to the exposition and development of Marxist theory. Its full title translates as Herr Eugen Dühring's Revolution in Science: this is meant ironically and polemically. The short title recalls Julius Caesar's polemic Anti-Cato.

Eugen Dühring had produced his own version of socialism, intended as a replacement for Marxism. Since Karl Marx was busy at the time with writing Das Kapital, it was left to Engels to write a general defence. The sections are Philosophy, Political Economy and Socialism.

Among Communists, it is a popular and enduring work which, as Engels wrote to Marx, was an attempt "to produce an encyclopaedic survey of our conception of the philosophical, natural-science and historical problems."

Part of it was published separately in 1880 in France as Socialism: Utopian and Scientific.[2] An English translation was published in 1892. This work also gave influence to Materialism and Empirio-criticism[3] by Vladimir Lenin.


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