Baptist Wriothesley Noel

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Not to be confused with Wriothesley Baptist Noel, 2nd Earl of Gainsborough
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Baptist Wriothesley Noel

Reverend The Honourable Baptist Wriothesley Noel (/ˈrəθsli/[1] REYE-əths-lee; 16 July 1798 – 19 January 1873) was an English evangelical clergyman of aristocratic family. He was minister of St John's Chapel, Bedford Row, London, from 1827 to 1848 and afterwards became a Baptist minister at the nearby John Street Baptist Church in Bloomsbury. Noel twice served as President of the Baptist Union. A portrait of him hangs outside the library of Regent's Park College, Oxford.


Noel was born in the Leith district of Edinburgh. His baptism is recorded as taking place at the North Leith parish church on 7 August 1798. He was the tenth son and sixteenth of eighteen children born to Sir Gerard Noel and Diana, Baroness Barham. Lady Diana was a devout evangelical whose faith strongly influenced her children. Noel attended Westminster School and Trinity College, Cambridge before entering the Middle Temple to become a barrister.

In 1824, the year his mother died, he became an Anglican cleric. He rapidly became a leader of the Evangelical party, being appointed to one of the most prominent Evangelical Anglican churches in London (St. John's, Bedford Row), only three years after his ordination. Noel published some eighty books and pamphlets in his lifetime, chiefly concerned either with social and political reform, or with evangelical beliefs and attitudes, or with the nature of the Christian Church as a spiritual fellowship embracing all true believers.

On 17 October 1826, Noel married Jane Baillie of Dochfour, whose distinguished family was descended from John de Balliol, founder of Balliol College, Oxford. Their eight children (four sons and four daughters) included the MP and businessman Ernest Noel (1831-1931).

Baptist Noel retired from active ministry in 1868 and spent his remaining years at Stanmore, Middlesex.


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