Benedykt Wiszowaty

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Benedykt Wiszowaty (Prussia c.1650 – Kosinowo after 1704) was a Polish Socinian author and publisher.

He was the great-grandson of Fausto Sozzini, grandson of Stanisław Wiszowaty, and son of Andrzej Wiszowaty Sr. (Latin: Andreas Wissowatius) and Aleksandra Rupniowska. Benedykt married Katarzyna Przypkowska and was father of Andrzej Wiszowaty Jr. who in 1724 became lecturer at the Unitarian College in Cluj.[1][2]


  • Medulla historiae

He edited and published The Bibliotheca antitrinitariorum, or Antitrinitarian Library, in Freistadt, Austria, in 1684, from the work of Christopher Sandius, Amsterdam, who had died 4 years earlier. Some of the material had already appeared in the Bibliotheca Fratrum Polonorum of 1668 (not 1656).


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