Blueberry (cannabis)

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Blueberry is a Cannabis indica-dominant hybrid strain. It was first bred in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Its genetics originated in a 3-way cross between a landrace Highland Thai known as "Juicy Fruit," the Oregon Purple Thai, and an Afghani male.[1] There have been several reworkings of the genetics by the original breeder, as well as over 100 hybrids and crosses produced.[2]


Known for its purple and blue coloring on both fan leaves and flowers and its very fruity aroma and blueberry taste, it is a unique strain.  The effects are generally euphoric and mellow, and most users do not report tiredness and a mellowed relaxed feeling.[3] Induces deep relaxing body buzz with great pain management effect, along withhappy euphoric cerebral high.[4] It has won the Cannabis Cup.[5]

Medical Use

Blueberry is used for anxiety and stress related medicine, pain relief, and muscle relaxation as well.[6]

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