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Grape (Vitis)
Cayetana blanca Viala Vermorel.jpg
Cayetana Blance L'Ampélographie by Viala and Vermorel (at that time called Jaén)
Color of berry skin Blanc
Species Vitis vinifera
Also called Cayetana blanca, Jaén blanco, and other synonyms
Origin Spain
Notable regions Jerez

Cayetana or Cayetana blanca is a white Spanish wine grape. It is grown mainly in the south of Spain, especially in the Denominación de Origen of Montilla-Moriles and in the region of Extremadura[1] and in the Jerez region where it is often distilled for use in brandy production.[2]


Cayetana is also known under the synonyms Amor blanco, Aujubi, Avesso du Minho, Baladi, Baladi-Verdejo, Belledy, Blanca Cayetana, Blanco Jaen, Cagazal, Calagrano, Calagrano blanc, Calegrano, Cayetana blanca, Cazagal, Charello, Charelo, Chaselo, Cheres, Cirial, Clagrano, Dedo, Dedro, Djiniani, Doradillo, Farta Gosos, Fartagosos, Garillo, Garrida, Garrido, Garriga, Garrilla, Hoja Vuelta, Jaén blanco, Jaén Doradillo, Jaén Empinadillo, Jaén Prieto blanco, Jaenes, Jaina, Jarime, Jean de Castilla, Jean de Letur, Jean de Letur de Maratella, Jean Doradillo, Jean Dore, Jean Prieto, Machuenco, Maizancho, Mariouti, Mourisco Arsello, Mourisco Portalegre, Naves, Naves Cazagal, Neruca, Padero, Parda, Pardilla, Pardina, Pirulet, Plateadillo, Plateado, Robal, Tierra de Barros, Verdeja, Virules, and Xarello.[3]

With its synonym Jaén (blanco) it is not to be confused with a Spanish red grape variety called Jaen (without the accent) which is a synonym of Mencía, or the Portuguese red grape variety Jaen du Dão.


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