Chengdu Shishi High School

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Chengdu Shishi High School
Chengdu, Sichuan
 People's Republic of China
Established 143–141 BC, 194 AD, 1661, became modern school in 1902 and middle school in 1904
President Jian Tian
Campus Urban
Nickname Wenweng Shishi 文翁石室, Chengdu No. 4 Middle School 成都四中

Chengdu Shishi High School (Traditional Chinese: 石室中學,文翁石室,Simplified Chinese: 石室中学,文翁石室, pinyin: shíshì zhōngxúe, wén wēng shíshì) is a state secondary school in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China. It stands on the site of the first local Chinese public school, founded in the Han Dynasty between 143 BC and 141 BC by Wén Wēng (文翁). It was originally named Wen Weng Shishi (文翁石室).Shishi, which literally means "Stone Chamber", refers to the original construction which was built of stones.


In Chengdu between the years 143 and 141 BC, Wén Wēng (文翁) established the first local Chinese public school, Shujun Junxue (literally local Sichuan Academy, 蜀郡郡學). During the Eastern Han Dynasty, Chengdu and the school were devastated by fire. The school was rebuilt in 194 AD, and continued through dynasties as Yizhou Zhouxue (益州州學), Chengdu Fuxue (Chengdu Academy, 成都府學) and other names. Shu Shi Jing (a form of Thirteen Classics, literally Shu Carved Stone of Classics, 蜀石經) was completed in Chengdu Fuxue in Northern Song after more than 230 years intermittent carving. The wars in late Ming Dynasty destroyed the school and then only rubble remained in the campus.

In 1661, early in the Qing Dynasty, the government school Chengdu Fuxue was established on the site, and became a leading school in Sichuan. Jinjiang Shuyuan which later became Sichuan University was established at the school in 1740. Chengdu Fuxue became Chengdu Normal School (成都師範學堂) under the new educational system introduced in 1902 and then became Chengdu Middle School (成都府中學堂) in 1904. It was renamed again to Chengdu Shishi Middle School (成都石室中學) in February 1940, and in mid-1948 was identified as a model for secondary schools nationwide.

In September 1952, after the establishment of the People's Republic of China, the school changed its name to Chengdu No. 4 Middle School (成都第四中学). During the Cultural Revolution the school was devastated for the third time; none of the Qing Dynasty buildings still exist. It returned to its former name in April 1983.

Shishi ranks among the top 100 middle schools in China. Competition among junior middle school students in Chengdu for entry into the school is intense. For many students, acceptance into Shishi is an honor rivaling university acceptance and provides an opportunity to receive above average instruction in core classes. Most Shishi students scored among the top 10% of their peers on the junior middle school exit exam.

Notable alumni

  • Guo Moruo(郭沫若): scientist, sociologist, former dean of Chinese Academy of Sciences, former vice-chairman of Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.
  • Li Yimang (李一氓): revolutionist
  • Wu Guozhen: former Shanghai mayor
  • Ma Zhiming (马志明): mathematician
  • He Lin (贺麟): cell biologist
  • Li Jieren (李劼人): litterateur, former Chengdu mayor
  • Li Hao (李卓皓): Professor of Economics, University of British Columbia
  • Jung Chang: Chinese-born British writer now living in London, best known for her family autobiography Wild Swans

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《石室校志》by 四川省成都石室中学,1989年10月

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