Classic Tetris World Championship

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Classic Tetris World Championships
Tournament information
Sport Tetris
Location Portland, Oregon
Established 2010
Number of tournaments One annually
Current champion
Jonas Neubauer

The Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) is a video game competition series, hosted by the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. The competition launched in 2010, during the filming of Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters to determine the world's greatest Tetris player.[1] The first two years the competition was held in Los Angeles, California[2] but has since moved to Portland, Oregon and has been held there annually since 2012.


The competition spans between two days with 'Qualifications' on the first day and the 'Main Event' on the second day. Contestants are allowed to bring their own controller – as long as it's an original, unmodified NES Controller.

Qualifying Round

Entrants can make as many qualifying attempts as they are willing to stand in line for. Qualifying attempts will be on "Type A" Tetris for highest score, starting on level 9 or higher. Once an entrant's game is over for any reason, they must make sure their score is recorded by a scorekeeper and then return to the back of the line for another attempt. The Qualifying Round will determine the seeding of a 32-person tournament bracket for the Main Event.[3]

Main Event

A five-round, 32-bracket seeded tournament tree will be created from the top 32 qualifying scores. With Seed 1 playing seed 32, seed 2 playing seed 31, etc. – with standard format of higher seeds gaining advantage throughout the tree. All head-to-head matches will proceed as follows: Each match is first person to win two games. The higher seed chooses a starting level from 9-18 for game 1. The lower seed chooses a level from 9-18 for game 2. If needed, higher seed chooses level for game 3. (level 13 is lowest allowed for Top 8). The players, competing side-by-side, will begin on the agreed level and push start simultaneously at the prompt of an announcer. The player with the highest score for that game wins. If one player tops-out and the other player already has a higher score, the game is finished. If one player tops-out and the other player has a lower score, that player will continue until they either top-out (having lost) or exceed the other player’s score, winning the game. The match will continue until one player has won two games (best 2 out of 3). That player will proceed to the next round. The tournament will consist of five rounds in the free play area. The final round (round 5) will be first to win 3 games (best 3 out of 5).[3]


Year 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2010 Jonas Neubauer Harry Hong Matt Buco
2011 Jonas Neubauer Alex Kerr Robin Mihara
2012 Jonas Neubauer Mike Winzinek Eli Markstrom
2013 Jonas Neubauer[4] Harry Hong Chad Muse
2014 Harry Hong Jonas Neubauer Terry Purcell
2015 Jonas Neubauer Douglas Quaid Alex Kerr


File:2013 CTWC Cartridge and Box.jpg
2013 CTWC Box and Cartridge.

The Classic Tetris World Championships competition is played on the original 8-bit Nintendo Tetris cartridge (not the Tengen version). Individuals that supported the event received a gold limited edition copy of the game. Each cartridge is a hand painted NES Tetris cartridge with a custom Classic Tetris World Championship label. The cartridge comes inside an NES style cardboard box. Around 12-26 gold carts are produced each year (CTWC Event Producer, email, June 29, 2015). In 2014, the boxes and cartridges were numbered 1-26.

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