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Death Piggy was an American hardcore punk band, formed in 1982 in Richmond, Virginia.[1] They flourished briefly, before Dave Brockie, then their lead singer/bassist, decided to play a joke set while wearing monster costumes as an opening act for Death Piggy. This joke act would later be the basis for the heavy metal band GWAR. They put out a few 45s (some limited to 301 copies) and had a small yet loyal following. They played their last show in 1994, before the death of Sumner.


Original lineup

  • Dave Brockie (Deceased): Lead Vocals/Bass (a.k.a. Oderus Urungus from Gwar)
  • Russ Bahorsky: Guitar/Vocals
  • Sean Sumner (Deceased):[2] Drums

Later members

  • Steve Douglas: guitar (replaced Russ after the "Death Rules the Fairway" single)


  1. G-O-D Spells God
  2. Spatter Flick
  3. Eat The People
  4. Fat Man
  5. Nympho
  6. Bathtub In Space
  7. No Prob, Dude
  8. Mangoes & Goats
  1. Welcome To The Record
  2. Boner
  3. Showbiz
  4. Dinner In The Morning
  5. Whippin' Round The Bay
  6. Ceramic Butt
  • R45 7" EP (1985)
  1. Poet
  2. Ground "B" Sound
  3. Joey Died Today
  4. Minute 2 Live

  • Smile Or Die!!! (1999)


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Studio Albums

Death Piggy Rules the world (1986)

Don't listen to this Album!(1988) (Devil May Fry (1991) Fat Kids and Mc'ds (19940