His Majesty Minor

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Sa Majesté Minor
Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud
Produced by Jean-Jacques Annaud
Xavior Castano
Written by Jean-Jacques Annaud
Gérard Brach
Sandro Agenor
Starring José Garcia
Vincent Cassel
Mélanie Bernier
Sergio Peris-Mencheta
Music by Javier Navarrete
Cinematography Jean-Marie Dreujou
Edited by Noëlle Boisson
Distributed by Mars Distribution
Studio Canal (France)
Alta Films
Mediapro (Spain)
Release dates
October 10, 2007 (France)
December 12, 2008 (Spain)
Language French

His Majesty Minor (French: Sa Majesté Minor) is a French-Spanish feature film by French director Jean-Jacques Annaud. It is his third film shot entirely in his native language of French since his 1976 Oscar-winning debut Black and White in Color and his 1978 film Coup de tête featuring Patrick Dewaere. It is a mythical comedy taking place on an island in the Aegean Sea before the founding of Ancient Greece.

It was filmed in 2006 in Benitatxell and Benigembla, basically in the district of the Marina Alta, which is located in the Valencian Community.

The film was produced by French companies Studio Canal and Pathé in partnership with Malvarrosa Media and Mediapro in Spain.

Despite its originality, the movie was poorly received, both by critics and the audience.[1]


Minor (Garcia) was abandoned by his parents as a child and was raised by a pack of pigs; he speaks in porcine grunts and lives and loves much like his fellow hogs. Minor is just human enough to have his head turned by Clytia (Bernier), a beautiful girl living in the nearby village. However, if Minor's lack of social skills weren't enough to keep Clytia away, she's already been pledged to wed handsome and charming Karkos (Peris-Mencheta). When Minor runs afoul of the tribal leadership, he's removed from his home with the pigs and forced to live in an enchanted forest, where he attracts the not entirely welcome attentions of Pan (Cassel), a randy half-man and half-goat willing to couple with anything that breathes. When Minor emerges from the forest able to speak with newfound eloquence, the tribal leaders name him their new potentate, and Clytia suddenly finds him a great deal more appealing, which doesn't sit well with Karkos.

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