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Israel Pincas (Hebrew: ישראל פנקס‎; born January 28, 1935) is an Israeli poet.


Pincas was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1935. He lost his father at the age of 6. As a boy, he emigrated as to the Mandate Palestine with his mother in 1944. He lives in Tel Aviv.

Published works

Pincas published his first book of poetry 14 Poems in 1961. His most famous poem is Ilmale ("Were it not") [1] His poems were published in various circles, in the literary supplements of daily newspapers and periodicals. Many of his poems were published in the magazine Exclamation Point, after many years of nonrecognition. He has published eight books of poetry, to date, many by the Exclamation Point publishing house. He also worked as an editor for the local office of the United Press news agency. Pincas translated a number of books by Shlomo Kalo from Bulgarian to Hebrew.


In 2005, Pincas was awarded the Israel Prize, for poetry.[2]

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