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Jerry Yan
Chinese name 言承旭
Pinyin Yán Chéngxù (Mandarin)
Birth name 廖洋震
(Liào Yángzhèn)
Origin Taiwan
Born (1977-01-01) January 1, 1977 (age 42)
Taoyuan, Taiwan
Occupation Actor, singer, model
Genre(s) Mandopop
Taiwanese pop
Instrument(s) Vocals
Voice type(s) Lyric Baritone
Label(s) Sony Music Taiwan
Years active 2000–present
Associated acts F4
Official website Official website

Jerry Yan (Chinese: 言承旭; pinyin: Yán Chéngxù) was born 1 January 1977. He is a Taiwanese actor and became famous as part of the "F4". His birth name is Liao Yangzhen (Chinese: 廖洋震; pinyin: Liào Yángzhèn).


With his role as "Dao Ming Si" (Chinese: 道明寺; pinyin: Dào Míngsì) in Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden (流星花園) and its sequel Meteor Garden II, Jerry became popular across Asia. At the conclusion of the series, Jerry along with the other members of F4: Vic Chou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu continued to perform together and released three studio albums as quartet boy band F4.

When not in F4, he, like the others, has his own successful solo career as both a singer and an actor. In 2006 he portrayed Dr Su Yi Hwa in critically acclaimed Taiwanese drama The Hospital which co-stars Leon Dai. He continues to act in other television series such as Hot Shot in 2008 with Wu Chun of Fahrenheit and Show Luo and Down With Love in 2010 with Ella Chen of S.H.E..

Jerry released his debut solo album, Jerry for You (Chinese: 第一次) in 2004. The track "一公尺" (One Meter) is listed at number 86 on Hit Fm Taiwan's Hit Fm Annual Top 100 Singles Chart (Hit-Fm年度百首單曲) for 2004.[1] The album was awarded one of the Top 10 Selling Mandarin Albums of the Year at the 2004 IFPI Hong Kong Album Sales Awards, presented by the Hong Kong branch of IFPI.[2]

In 2009 he released his second album titled, Freedom. The Japanese version broke the record (the highest ranking of male artist) among the Chinese Song Albums in Oricon Chart Japan.[citation needed] According Taiwan's G-Music chart the album is the ninth best selling album in Taiwan in 2009.[3]


Television series

Year English Title Chinese Title Role
2000 Great Teacher 麻辣鮮師 洪明龍(暴龍)
2001 Meteor Garden 流星花園 Dao Ming Si (道明寺)
Meteor Rain 流星雨~道明寺篇 Dao Ming Si (道明寺)
Love Scar 烈愛傷痕 子霖
2002 Come to My Place 來我家吧 蔡一也
Meteor Garden II 流星花園 II Dao Ming Si (道明寺)
2006 The Hospital 白色巨塔 Su Yihua (蘇怡華)
2008 Hot Shot 籃球火 Dong Fang Xiang (東方翔)
2009 Starlit 心星的淚光 程岳
2010 Pandamen 熊貓人 Policeman Chen (陳警探) - cameo
Down With Love 就想賴著妳 Xiang Yu Ping (項羽平)
2011 My Splendid Life 我的燦爛人生 Liu Yuhao (劉宇浩)
2012 In Love We Trust 真爱就这么难?
2014 Loving, Never Forgetting 戀戀不忘 Li Zhong Mou
2015 My Best Ex-Boyfriend 最佳前男友 Li Tang


Year English Title Chinese Title Role
2004 Magic Kitchen 魔幻厨房 Ho
2012 Ripples of Desire 花漾 Scarface (刀巴)
2012 Heroic Detective
2014 Lupin III Michael Lee
2015 Our Times 我的少女时代 Adult Xu Tai Yu (徐太宇

Talk Shows


Studio album (solo)

Album # Album Info Tracklisting
1st Jerry for You (第一次)
  1. One Meter 一公尺
  2. Be A Good Lover 做個好情人
  3. Memory Pieces 記憶拼圖
  4. Decoration 陪襯品
  5. Want to Love You 想要愛你
  6. Gravity 地心引力
  7. I Want It Now
  8. Isolation 隔離
  9. Forget Myself 忘了自己
  10. Fantasy
2nd Freedom (多出来的自由)
  1. "Thank You"
  2. "我會很愛你" [I Will Love You Very Much] (Sony WALKMAN CF Theme Song)
  3. "在KTV說愛你" [Say I Love You In KTV] (Korean Drama East of Eden Mandarin opening theme song)
  4. "一半" (Yi Ban) [Other Half] (Hot Shot ending theme song(
  5. "去闖" [Go For It]
  6. "多出來的自由" [Freedom]
  7. "黑咖啡日記" [Black Coffee Diary]
  8. "Lost Love"
  9. "愚人節" [April Fool's]
  10. "等你回來" [Wait Till You Come Back]
3rd My Secret Lover (我的秘密情人)
(New + Collection Album)[6]
  1. Afraid Of The Dark 怕黑
  2. Out Of Favor 失寵
  3. Used To Us Being Together 习惯两个人
  4. One Meter 一公尺
  5. Say I Love You In KTV (Korean Drama “East Of Eden” Opening Theme Song) 在KTV說愛你
  6. Memory Pieces 记忆拼图
  7. I Cannot Leave You 我没有办法离开妳
  8. I've Forgotten 忘了自己
  9. Be A Good Lover 做个好情人
  10. To Be You 要定妳
  11. Isolation 隔离
  12. Wait Till You Come Back 等你回来
  13. Fantasy
  14. Other Half 一半
  1. You Are My Only Persistence 你是我唯一的执着 - opening theme of The Hospital
  2. Freedom 多出来的自由
  3. I Will Love You 我会很爱妳
  4. Black Coffee Diary 黑咖啡日记
  5. Gravity 地心引力
  6. Only Me 只有我
  7. I Want It Now
  8. April Fool's 愚人节
  9. Lost Love
  10. Decoration 陪衬品
  11. I Want To Love You 想要爱妳
  12. Go For It 去闯
  13. I Really Really Love You 我是真的真的很爱妳
  14. Thank You

F4 albums


Year Award-Giving Body Category Work Result
2004 Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Asia Pop Artist[7] N/A Won


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