John F. Conway

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John Frederick Conway
Born 1943
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Author
political activist

John Frederick Conway (born 1943 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan[1]) is a Canadian academic, author and political activist. He teachers sociology at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan with a research focus on the social, political and economic history of Western Canada and Quebec.[2] He is the author of The West: The History of a Region in Confederation (third edition, 2006), The Canadian Family in Crisis (fifth edition, 2003), and Debts to Pay: English Canada and Quebec from the Conquest to the Referendum (first edition, 1992).[2]

In the 1960s, Conway was a radical student activist at the University of Saskatchewan's Regina campus and subsequently Simon Fraser University.[3] In 1969, he ran as a radical left candidate for the leadership of the British Columbia New Democratic Party[4] coming in fourth place on the first ballot with 44 votes.

In 1991, Conway was elected as a trustee on the Regina school board and was re-elected five times,[2] serving as Vice-Chair from 1995 to 1997 and as Chair from 1997 to 2000. In 2000-2001 he as Chair of the Saskatchewan Urban Public Boards' Caucus of the Saskatchewan School Boards' Association.[1]


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