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A law book is, literally, a book about law.

It is possible to make a distinction between "law books" on the one hand, and "books about law" on the other.[1] This distinction is "useful".[2] A law book is "a work of legal doctrine".[1] It consists of "law talk", that is to say, propositions of law.[2]

"The first duty of a law book is to state the law as it is, truly and accurately, and then the reason or principle for it as far as it is known".[3] The "first requisite in a law-book is perfect accuracy".[4] A "law book is supposed to state what the law is rather than what it is not".[5] "One great desiridatum in a law book is facility of reference".[6]

A "list of law books and related materials" is a legal bibliography.[7]

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