Le Coucher de la Mariée

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Le Coucher de la Mariée
File:Le Coucher de la Mariée.png
Frame from Le Coucher de la Mariée
Directed by Léar (Albert Kirchner)
Produced by Eugène Pirou
Starring Louise Willy
Release dates
November 1896
Running time
7 minutes
Country France
Language Silent

Le Coucher de la Mariée or Bedtime for the Bride or The Bridegroom's Dilemma is a French erotic short film considered[by whom?] to be one of the first pornographic films (or "stag party films") made. The film was first screened in Paris in November 1896, within a year of the first public screening of a projected motion picture.[1] The film was produced by Eugène Pirou and directed by Albert Kirchner under the pseudonym Léar.


The original film has been estimated to be around 7 minutes long,[2] but degraded to a poor condition in the French Film Archives until it was found in 1996, and only two minutes of the film have survived, which include merely undressing.[3]

The film was shot in a theater set and featured cabaret performer Louise Willy[4] who performs a striptease behind a screen from an unknown male actor who pretends to read a newspaper.[3]

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