Lech Pijanowski

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File:Lech Pijanowski grób.JPG
Lech Pijanowski's grave

Lech Andrzej Pijanowski (26 July, 1928, Warsaw, died 6 January 1974, Warsaw) was a Polish film critic, broadcaster, director, screenwriter and populiser of games.

He is buried in the Powazki Cemetery.


Pijanowski contributed[1] the game Lap, a development of Battleship, to A Gamut of Games, edited by Sid Sackson. In this game each player secretly divides an 8x8 grid cells, into four sectors of exactly 16 contiguous squares. Each players in turn gathers clues by asking their opponent how many cells in a particular 2x2 square belong to each sector. The first player who correctly deduces the opponent's setup wins the game.



  • 1950- Dzisiejsza gazeta
  • 1955- Dyspozycja mocy
  • 1955- Od Wrocławia


  • 1961- Droga na zachód (Road to the West)
  • 1964- Barbara i Jan TV series
  • 1971- Kłopotliwy gość (Troublesome Visitor)


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