Mikhail Khorobrit

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Mikhail Iaroslavich Khorobrit (The Brave) (Russian: Михайл Ярославич Хоробрит) was Prince of Moscow (1246–1248) and Grand Prince of Vladimir in 1248. He was a younger brother of Aleksandr Nevsky and he and his son, Boris, are sometimes said to have been princes of Moscow before Daniil Aleksandrovich, although this is not always accepted. In 1248, he seized the town of Vladimir and expelled Grand Prince Sviatoslav Vsevolodovich, his uncle, who fled to Yuriev-Polsky. Mikhail was killed fighting the nephews of the Lithuanian King Mindaugas, Tautvilas and Gedivydas, at the Battle of Protva on 15 January 1248.[1]

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