Rosie Falta

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Rosie Westmore
Dania Ramirez as Rosie Westmore
Devious Maids character
Portrayed by Dania Ramirez
Duration 2013 - Present
First appearance June 23, 2013
Created by Marc Cherry
Other names Rosie Falta
Rosie Westmore
Occupation Maid
Residence Guadalajara, Mexico (before Pilot)
Beverly Hills, United States (season 1-)

Rosie Westmore (formerly Falta) is a fictional character from the Lifetime television series Devious Maids. She is portrayed by Dania Ramirez. Ramirez was Nominated for Best Actress - Television at the 2014 Imagen Awards[1] and for Best Actress - Television at the 2015 Imagen Awards


Season one

Season two

Season three

Rosie is badly injured after her wedding's gunfire; she wakes up four months later to find out that Spence has been working as a pornographic actor in order to support his family. Rosie takes a look at Spence's filthy apartment and demands that he cleans it himself. When Zoila and Carmen comes over to the apartment, Spence tricks them into cleaning it, which makes Rosie even more furious when she discovers about it. Ernesto, Rosie's first husband is in town and is looking for Rosie. Spence meets him and tells him that Rosie is still in a very fragile state, and the news could put her back to coma. Ernesto follows Spence to the wedding and shocks Rosie. After she wakes up, Spence tells her that he knew Ernesto was alive, which makes Rosie angry since he lied to her. Ernesto tries to take Miguel with him back to Mexico, Rosie and Spence had an argument about this, which Miguel overheard. They both decide to help Ernesto stay in the US so that he can be part of Miguel's life. Rosie tries to fight her reaffection for Ernesto, as when she goes to the church, the Priest tells her that since her first husband is technically not dead, her second marriage is not counted and is considered as a sin, which leaves Rosie confused about her marriage status. Rosie, thinking she has decided she wants Spence, tries for a romantic evening, but is interrupted by a thunderstorm. Rosie tries to get Ernesto to sign an annulment, which Ernesto refuses. Ernesto initiates a kiss, which Rosie first rebuffs, but then returns. Rosie talks to Spence about her returning feelings for Ernesto and how it's not fair to him, followed by her leaving. Rosie leaves Spence and decides to get a fresh start with Ernesto. They both go on a date and end up having sex. While babysitting Katy, Rosie noticed that Katy is able to play a Mexican game and claims that she enjoyed eating the candy Rosie gave, which is from Mexico. Rosie figures that Katy is not from Argentina, but from Mexico. Katy gave her a gift: Blanca's necklace. Blanca is found dead and "FORGIVE ME" is written on the floor. The maids discussed about Blanca's death, and they all agree that Blanca couldn't have done this and someone else is responsible for her death. Hector, one of the cartel's agent visits Ernesto and tells him that the boss wants him back (also suggesting that Ernesto isn't being held captive by the Cartel after all). Ernesto refuses and Hector threatens to possibly harms Rosie if he doesn't comply. Ernesto became overprotective of Rosie when they both encounter Hector at a cafe. Ernesto later encounters Katy in the kitchen and calls her 'Violeta', she tells him that her name is Katy and runs away. Ernesto meets with Hector again and tells him that he wants his freedom, and in exchange he will tell the boss about the girl that the boss has been looking for. Rosie finds an adult magazine in Miguel's bed, since Ernesto is away on a trip, she decides to ask Spence to give Miguel some advice. Miguel later tries to kiss Katy, but Katy pushes him and tells him that she will kill him and dance in his blood if he ever do that again. Rosie asks Taylor about this, and Taylor tells her that Katy witnessed her birth father's murder and the killer screams the same thing she said earlier. Taylor and Michael can't tell people about Katy's origins because she is considered as a witness, and revealing her origins will endanger her safety. Rosie visits Spence again and Spence reveals that when Rosie left him, he was devastated. He took care of Miguel and stayed by Rosie's side when she was in a coma, but Rosie left him anyway. Rosie apologizes and leaves the apartment. However, Taylor was in Spence's bedroom the whole time and asked him if Rosie knows anything. Spence answers that she doesn't know anything.Suspicious about Taylor going to the gym very often, Rosie follows Taylor, hoping to catch her having an affair. However, she saw Spence getting slapped by Taylor in the face. Rosie confronts Spence and also slaps him. Taylor explains that they're not having an affair, when Taylor was overdosed, she realized that she was getting dependent on her pills. She attends an addiction group and asked Spence to be her sponsor, Spence can't tell Rosie because the group was anonymous. When Spence asked to quit, Taylor slaps him. Rosie later apologized and tells Spence to continue being Taylor's sponsor. Marisol and Rosie are incredibly suspicious about Olivia, especially after she said that Blanca was murdered, since everyone sees Blanca's death as a suicide. Ernesto returns from Mexico just in time for Miguel's birthday. Taylor allows Rosie to have the party at the house while she and Katy goes out of town. Hector still doesn't believe that Ernesto has found Violeta and demands proof. During the party, Hector sneaks into the house dressed as a clown and taking pictures of Katy's photograph. Spence caught him and they both fight, Ernesto interrupts the fight but ends up punching Spence. Rosie later tells him that they both can't be friends anymore since he ruined Miguel's birthday party. Hector is worried about Spence, but Ernesto assures him that he will take care of Spence. Rosie and Ernesto found blood stains on the couch pillows. Hector later visits Spence's apartment and knocks him unconscious.Rosie tells Taylor about the red stains, but Taylor tells her that it's red wine. When she's about to test it for blood, Taylor already replaced the couch with a new one. Ernesto and Hector continues their plan to kill Katy. Katy managed to fight back Hector and calls Rosie and Ernesto. Taylor tells Rosie that Katy's father was investigating a drug cartel, and he was murdered before he can leak all the information. The drug cartel is the same one Ernesto is being held hostage. Rosie confronts him and he confessed all about his life in the drug cartel. Rosie quickly leaves him after he says that he's willing to trade Katy's life for their freedom. Later, Hector tries to continue with the plan, but Ernesto objects since Katy already saw Hector's face. Hector reveals that he already took care of Spence, and if they don't continue with the plan, Rosie will become his next target. Ernesto later strangles Hector to death. Rosie visits Spence, only to find his apartment wrecked and he's in the hospital with an amnesia. Ernesto decides to go back to Mexico in order to protect his family, and says goodbye to Miguel before leaving. Rosie later tries to help Spence remember, but Peri Westmore arrives and tells Spence that she's his wife and Rosie is their maid. Taylor and Katy decide to change their identities and run away, with Katy taking Rosie's name.

Finally When Marisol goes to the Powell's mansion, Evelyn was carrying a box filled with Adrian's sex toys and Sebastian shows up, pointing a gun at Carmen. Marisol, Adrian, Evelyn, and Carmen are held hostage by Sebastian using Adrian's sex handcuffs. It is revealed that while Sebastian was in the Stappord's house, Louie caught him and Taylor. Louie was impaled after Sebastian pushed him onto Taylor's glass coffee table. Katy woke up and Taylor takes her back to bed. Sebastian mutilates the body and spreads the body parts all over town to make sure the body was unidentifiable. Later, Blanca arrives and found the bloody mess. Sebastian covers up his tracks by kidnapping and killing Blanca, and also writing "Forgive Me" on the floor so everyone would think that Blanca did it. He also purposely led Evelyn to the house so she would find the body. Sebastian threatens to harm Evelyn if Adrian doesn't give him money. Adrian calls Michael, who has just been released from prison, since his alibi checked out, to give him money. Michael arrives at the mansion, but tries to go inside. In result, Sebastian takes Michael as a hostage. When Michael threatens to kill Sebastian once he gets out, Sebastian shoots him, killing him. Sebastian also plans to burn the house by leaking the gas. Marisol manages to get out from her handcuffs and hits Sebastian with a fireplace poker while Carmen distracts him. They flee the mansion and call the police, however, Adrian goes back inside to retrieve a photo of him, Evelyn and Barrett. When Sebastian wakes up, he accidentally drops Adrian's electrifier, creating a spark. The mansion explodes and Evelyn screams for Adrian as his fate is left unknown.


  • A^ : Rosie married Ernesto before the pilot but she supposed that he was dead because he disappeared. Then in season 2 she married to Spence and in season three Ernesto is came back, he wasn't dead. So she still married to Ernesto and Spence.