Sratsimir dynasty

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House of Sratsimir
Coat of Arms
Country Tsardom of Tarnovo, Tsardom of Vidin, Principality of Valona and Kanina, Despotate of Lovech
Parent house Asen dynasty; Shishman dynasty
Titles Prince , Despot, Tsar
Founded 1331
Founder Sratsimir
Final ruler Rostislav Stratimirovic ?
Dissolution 1686

The House of Sratsimir, also Sracimir or Sratsimirovtsi (Bulgarian: Срацимировци) was a medieval Bulgarian dynasty that ruled the Tsardom of Tarnovo and Tsardom of Vidin, the Principality of Valona and Kanina, and the Despotate of Lovech. Paternally, they descended from the Asen dynasty, and maternally, they descended from the Shishman dynasty.