The Planet Savers

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The Planet Savers
File:Planet savers.jpg
Cover of the first English language edition
Author Marion Zimmer Bradley
Cover artist Ed Emshwiller
Country United States
Language English
Series Darkover
Genre Science fiction novel
Publisher Ace Books
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 91 pp
ISBN 1463799780
OCLC 17399915
Preceded by Rediscovery
Followed by The World Wreckers

The Planet Savers is a science fiction novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley in her Darkover series. It was first published in book form in English by Ace Books in 1962, dos-à-dos with Bradley's novel The Sword of Aldones. The story first appeared in the November 1958 issue of the magazine Amazing Stories. It subsequently appeared in a German translation in 1960 with additional chapters added that were not by the author.[1]

The Planet Savers takes place at least 152 years after the events described in Rediscovery.[2]

Plot Summary

Desperate to discover a cure for the cyclical 48-year-fever, known as Trailmen’s fever, Dr. Randall Forth persuades a colleague, Dr. Jay Allison, to undergo hypnosis. He calls forth a secondary personality, Jason Allison, is gregarious and an experienced mountain climber, while Dr. Jay Allison is a cold, clinical man with no outdoor skills.

Jason is asked to lead an expedition into the Hellers to collect medical volunteers from among the Trailmen. Accompanying him are Rafe Scott, Regis Hastur, Kyla Raineach, a Renunciate guide, and several others. During the trip, Jay/Jason yo-yos between his two personalities – one warm and charming, the other distant and clinical. Jason, the warm personality, falls in love with Kyla.

They are attacked on the trail by a party of hostile Trailwomen. As a result of the attack, the Jay personality reappears, and is considerably more formal than the Jason personality. When they reach the Trailmen nest where Jay/Jason lived as a child, he is recognized. The party is invited into the Trailmen’s tree habitat.

The Old Ones of the Sky People (Trailmen) inquire why Jay/Jason has brought an armed party of humans to their nest. Jay/Jason explains his mission, to find a remedy for 48-year-fever. He introduces Regis Hastur to the Old Ones, and Regis also pleads for the Sky People’s assistance. One hundred Trailmen volunteer. The party, with volunteers, returns to the Terran Trade City.

Some months later, a serum is developed for the treatment of 48-year-fever. Regis Hastur arrives to congratulate Jay/Jason Allison. The exposure to Regis reminds Jay/Jason of the expedition, and causes Jay/Jason to merge into a third, more stable personality.


  • Jay/Jason Allison
  • Dr. Randall Forth, psychiatrist
  • Regis Hastur, the Darkover regent’s grandson
  • Kyla Raineach, Renunciate back country guide
  • Buck Kendricks, a spaceforce man
  • Rafe Scott, half Darkovan/half Terran

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  1. Tuck, Donald H. (1974). The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Chicago: Advent. p. 64. ISBN 0-911682-20-1. 
  2. In the first chapter of The Planet Savers, Randall Forth says that the Terrans have had a trade compact with Darkover for 152 years, which suggests that they have been on Darkover somewhat longer; 1976 paperback, pg 6.

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