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Tuvya Ruebner, 2010

Tuvya Ruebner, also Rübner (Hebrew: טוביה ריבנר‎; born 30 January 1924) is an Israeli poet, editor, translator and photographer.[1]


Ruebner was born Kurt Rübner in 1924 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia (now the capital of Slovakia)[1] to a German-speaking Jewish family. In 1941, he emigrated to Mandate Palestine without his family, and joined a kibbutz. His parents, sisters and grandparents were sent to Poland and were murdered in the Holocaust.[1]

Following the Israel War of Independence, he became a member of Kibbutz Merhavia. For many years he was a schoolteacher and later lectured on literature at Haifa University.[1]

His poetry blends classical and modern Hebrew, creating a unique idiom.


In 2008, Ruebner was awarded the Israel Prize, for Hebrew poetry.[1]


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