William O'Neil

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William O'Neil
Born William J. O'Neil
(1933-03-25) March 25, 1933 (age 85)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.
Nationality United States
Alma mater Southern Methodist University
Occupation Founder of
william o'neil + company[1]

William J. O'Neil (born March 25, 1933) is an American entrepreneur, stockbroker and writer, who founded the business newspaper Investor's Business Daily and the stock brokerage firm William O'Neil & Co. Inc. He is the author of the books How to Make Money in Stocks, 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success and The Successful Investor among others, and is the creator of the CAN SLIM investment strategy.[2]


O'Neil was born March 25, 1933 in Oklahoma City and raised in Texas. In 1951 he graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, Texas. He studied business at Southern Methodist University, received a bachelor's degree and served in the United States Air Force.[3]

In 1958 he started his career as a stockbroker at Hayden, Stone & Company, and developed an investment strategy which made early use of computers. He stated in a 2002 interview that one of the books which was an early influence on him was Gerald Loeb's The Battle for Investment Survival. According to O'Neil, this is the best book on the market.[4] Other investors which he took great interest in were Bernard Baruch, Jesse Livermore, Gerald M. Loeb, Jack Dreyfus, and Nicolas Darvas. He also greatly admired Thomas Edison.[citation needed]

In 1960, he was accepted to Harvard Business School's first Program for Management Development (PMD).[5]

From his research, O'Neil invented the CAN SLIM strategy and became the top-performing broker in his firm.[6] He bought a seat on the NYSE at age 30 (the youngest at that time ever to do so),[7] and in 1963 founded William O'Neil + Co. Inc., a company which developed the first computerized daily securities database in 1963/1964,[8] and currently tracks over 200 data items for over 10,000 companies.[7]

In 1972, Daily Graphs was created by William O'Neil as a printed book of stock charts delivered weekly to subscribers.

In 1973, he founded "O'Neil Data Systems, Inc.", to provide high-speed printing and database-publishing facilities.

In 1984, O'Neil made research from his database available in print form with the launch of Investor's Daily, a national business newspaper which has competed with The Wall Street Journal. In 1991, the publication's name was changed from Investor's Daily to Investor's Business Daily. Ten years after founding, it had a paid circulation of 149,557,[9] with a claimed "total readership" of 850,000 (also phrased as "nearly 1,000,000 readers"), though in 2002, the Los Angeles Business Journal said that it has not been a moneymaker, and had had a decline in ad spending, though other O'Neil companies had done well.

In 1998, Daily Graphs Online launched as a comprehensive online equity research tool. In 2010, MarketSmith, an online stock research tool, was launched as the next generation of Daily Graphs Online.

O'Neil presently conducts investing seminars throughout the USA.


  • 2002, "Classic Award of Recognition" from the AeA, the largest high-tech industry group in the United States.[citation needed]
  • The Stock Trader's Almanac dedicated its 37th edition in 2004 to O'Neil .[10]


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