You're Not Singing Any More

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"You're Not Singing Anymore" is a football chant in the UK used by the supporters of a team towards the other team's fans who have become silent for one reason or another, such as because they have just conceded a goal or had a player sent off.[1]

It was used in an episode of the BBC television programme The Green Green Grass when Boycie found out that Elgin got less money than he expected in the Antiques Roadshow. It was also chanted by Mrs. Doyle and her friends during a football match in the Channel 4 Father Ted episode "Escape from Victory".

The chant is simply that phrase repeated several times to the tune of the Welsh hymn "Rhondda Valley".

Alternative versions sung to the same tune include, "We Can See You Sneaking Out!", which is sung towards despondent fans of the opposition who are leaving early,[2] and "Shall We Sing A Song For You?", which is also used when opposing fans have gone quiet.[3]

Typical lyrics

You're not singing
You're not singing
You're not singing anymore
You're not sinnnngggginggg anymore

World Cup 2014

US fans have modified the lyrics to You're not going to Brazil and We are going to Brazil.[4]