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Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'strict' not found. Zhu Xian, or 《诛仙》 in Chinese, is a popular xianxia novel available on the Internet. Zhu Xian features with many characters with unique personalities. The novel keeps looking into a question "What is true righteousness?" "Heartless World, treat everything as stew dog!" -Book of Way and Virtue This passage is the main theme of the novel.[1]

Main Characters

  • Zhang Xiao Fan (张小凡): The male protagonist of the novel. His potential and ability is just an average person, but because of fate, he is able learn the cultivation from Fu (Buddhist), Dao (Taoist), and Mo("Heretics"). He was born in a village called Grasstemple. One night, when he was eleven years old, everyone in his village was killed, leaving only his childhood friend Lin Jin Yu and a villager Uncle Wang survived. They were later adopted by the Qing Yun faction, the leader of the righteous and good.[1]
  • Lu Xue Qi (陆雪琪): The female protagonist of the novel. She is from the same faction as Zhang Xiao Fan, the Qing Yun. She is said to be a "fairy from nine skies" for her beauty that can enchant the entire country. In the novel adaption, it has been said that Lu Xue Qi has had feelings for Zhang Xiao Fan since he first came to the Qing Yun. She is also the top virtual idol in China.
  • Bi Yao (碧瑶): Often time there are arguments about Bi Yao, "Is she another female protagonist of the novel?" She is the daughter of the archlord of Gui Wang faction. Very energetic and arrogant. Because her love for Zhang Xiao Fan, she died for Zhang Xiao Fan under the sword Zhu Xian.


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