Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party

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Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party
Leader Gergely Kovács[1]
Ideology Absurdism
Politics of Hungary
Political parties
An example of Two-tailed Dog Party fake political posters: this poster is captioned "For a smaller Hungary!", in reference to Hungarian irredentists supporting the revocation of the Trianon Treaty.

The Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party (Magyar Kétfarkú Kutya Párt) is a joke political party in Hungary. It was founded in Szeged in 2006.

Political activity

All of the electoral candidates are called István Nagy ("Stephen Large", Hungarian equivalent of the English John Smith). The name was chosen because Nagy is the single most common surname in Hungary, and István is a very common first name.

The Two-tailed Dog Party is not a registered political party, but planned to participate in the 2006 elections. The party made the following promises: eternal life, world peace, one work day per week, two sunsets a day (in various colours), smaller gravitation, free beer and low taxes. Other promises include building a mountain on the Great Hungarian Plain.

The party is on good terms with another joke party, the Fourth Way, which is led by two birds. However, there are some disagreements between them, since Fourth Way plans to abolish bird flu, and this is opposed by the Two-tailed Dog Party, in accord with virus rights principles.

The election posters could mainly be seen in Szeged. Most of the posters featured the candidate, István Nagy, who is a two-tailed dog, with inscriptions like "He is so cute, surely he doesn't want to steal".

2010 Budapest mayoral elections

In 2010, the party announced their candidacy for mayor of Budapest.[2] Campaign slogans include "More everything, less nothing!", "Eternal life, free beer, tax-deduction!" and "We promise anything!".[3]

2014 parliamentary elections

The party was trying to finish the official registration process in order to start its campaign. [4] The registration was rejected in early 2014.[1] In July 2014, the Supreme Court ruled that there is no objections against registering the party and the registration process may continue.[5]

Street art

Recently[when?] the party has been a strong advocate of freedom of expression and artistic license. This position is expressed by political slogans on walls and pasting posters in Szeged.

The party's main activity is street art - graffiti, stencils and various posters. These are often humorous, while providing stark criticism towards various company policies,[6] the state of Hungarian railroads,[7] imitate stickers of entrepreneurial advertisements,[8] sabotage large billboard signs[9] or provide simple meta-humour.[10] The man behind the party was sued by the Hungarian State Railways for stickers saying "Our trains are deliberately dirty" or "Our trains are deliberately late", but he was not convicted. In 2009 he created a parody of the website – the official site of Pécs as Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010 –, for which he was threatened with legal action but the owners of the original site backed down after the case got publicity.[11]

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