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Kantai Collection
File:Kantai Collection anime vol1 cover.jpg
Cover of the first Blu-ray volume released by Kadokawa in Japan on March 27, 2015 featuring (from left to right) Yūdachi, Fubuki and Mutsuki.
(Kantai Korekushon)
Genre Action, Comedy, Military, Sci-fi
Anime television series
Directed by Keizō Kusakawa
Produced by Jun'ichirō Tamura
Written by Jukki Hanada
Music by Natsumi Kameoka
Studio Diomedéa
Licensed by
Network Tokyo MX, KBS, SUN, KNB, RCC, TVQ, CTC, tvk, TVS, TVA, KHB, BSN, BS11, HBC, TSC, NBC, RKK, AKT
Original run January 8, 2015March 26, 2015
Episodes 12[1] (List of episodes)
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Kantai Collection (艦隊これくしょん Kantai Korekushon?, translated as Fleet Collection, subtitled as Fleet Girls Collection), known as KanColle (艦これ KanKore?) for short, is a 2015 Japanese television anime series created by Diomedéa, based on the game of the same name by Kadokawa Games. The series was announced in September 2013,[2] and aired 12 episodes on Tokyo MX and KBS, and later on other TV stations, between January 8 and March 26, 2015.[3][4][5] A sequel has been announced,[6] in addition to an animated film, titled KanColle: The Movie (劇場版 艦これ Gekijō-ban KanKore?), which is scheduled to release in Q4 2016.[7][8][9]


The series features Fubuki as the main character, with the storyline based on her point of view.[10][11] In a world where humanity faces the threat of the abyssal fleet which has taken over the seas, special human girls who don weaponized outfits and possess the spirit of historical naval vessels known as kanmusu (艦娘?, literally "fleet girls" or "ship girls") are the only ones capable of countering them. The kanmusu live together at a naval base, where they spend their everyday lives as they train for battle.[12]

Fubuki arrives at the naval base, where she meets other girls that she will eventually fight alongside. Despite lacking adequate combat training, she is recommended into the Third Torpedo Squadron by the admiral, and quickly finds herself sortied into battle. Upon being rescued by Akagi in a dangerous situation, Fubuki strives to do her best in order to train, with the hopes of eventually being able to fight alongside Akagi.



Fubuki (吹雪)
Voiced by: Sumire Uesaka
A newcomer destroyer to the naval base, and assigned to the Third Torpedo Squadron (第三水雷戦隊 Dai-san suirai sentai), Fubuki is the main protagonist of the series. Meek and timid, she has no combat experience prior to transferring to the base, and performs poorly at physical activity. She is assigned temporarily to the Southwest Area Fleet (南西方面艦隊 Nansei hōmen kantai) during the Battle of Southwest Area, before being transferred to the Fifth Mobile Fleet (第五遊撃部隊 Dai-go yūgeki butai) during Operation MO and Operation FS, where she earns the respect of her peers, who choose her as their Flagship. Having a deep admiration for Akagi, she dreams of eventually becoming her escort, eventually doing so following her first remodel.
Mutsuki (睦月)
Voiced by: Rina Hidaka
One of the members of the Third Torpedo Squadron. The first kanmusu Fubuki meets on the base, Mutsuki has a cheerful and responsible personality. She is later transferred to the Fourth Fleet (第四艦隊 Dai-yon kantai) with Mogami during Operation FS.
Yūdachi (夕立)
Voiced by: Yumi Tanibe
Another destroyer of the Third Torpedo Squadron, alongside Fubuki and Mutsuki, who has a laid back attitude. She has a verbal tic as she speaks, often inserting "poi" into her sentences. She is later transferred to Naka's fleet during Operation FS, before getting a second remodel and being transferred again to the First Carrier Task Force (第一機動部隊 Dai-ichi kidō butai) (consisting of Akagi).
Kisaragi (如月)
Voiced by: Rina Hidaka
Another destroyer who is instead assigned to the Fourth Torpedo Squadron (第四水雷戦隊 Dai-yon suirai sentai) during the Battle of W island. She has a mature personality, even more mature than her older sister Mutsuki. She is sunk during the Battle of W island.
Yayoi (弥生), Mochizuki (望月)
Voiced by: Rina Hidaka
Two destroyers whom Fubuki and Mutsuki met during the briefing session of the W Island raid. Mochizuki is quite a sleepyhead, while Yayoi is rather emotionless. Both are later assigned to the Fourth Torpedo Squadron during the Battle of W island.
Akatsuki (), Hibiki (), Ikazuchi (), Inazuma ()
Voiced by: Aya Suzaki
Four destroyers belonging to the Sixth Destroyer Division (第六駆逐隊 Dai-roku kuchikutai) and assigned to the Second Support Fleet (第二支援艦隊 Dai-ni shien kantai) (Akatsuki and Hibiki) and the First Carrier Task Force (Ikazuchi and Inazuma) during the Battle of the Sea in Front of the Naval Base. Akatsuki considers herself an adult lady, while Hibiki tends to speak Russian frequently, rarely saying anything but "хорошо" (Khorosho, "Very well" in Russian), Ikazuchi has a very caring and confident personality, and Inazuma is a timid girl. Akatsuki and Ikazuchi do not get along very well, as they constantly argue about whatever went wrong, such as Inazuma using a flamethrower to boil their curry faster only to end up burning the entire pot, making Inazuma cry and blame herself for the failure.
Shimakaze (島風)
Voiced by: Ayane Sakura
A destroyer who claims herself to be the fastest in her fleet, who assigned to the Southwest Area Fleet during the Battle of Southwest Area. She has a hyperactive personality and tends to jump around rooms like a rabbit while waiting, to the point of forgetting what her next mission is.

Aircraft carriers

Light aircraft carriers

Shōhō (祥鳳)
A light aircraft carrier of another naval base. During Operation MO, She is assigned to the MO Strategy Main Force (MO攻略本隊 Emu Ō Kōryaku Hontai) along with Aoba, Furutaka, Kako and Kinugasa, is sortied along with the Covering Force (掩護部隊 Engo Butai) of Tenryū and Tatsuta, but she is badly damaged by the air raid of enemy aircraft carriers.
Chitose (千歳), Chiyoda (千代田)
Two seaplane carriers briefly appearing in a reconnaissance before Operation MI.


Kongō (金剛), Hiei (比叡), Haruna (榛名), Kirishima (霧島)
Voiced by: Nao Tōyama
These four battleships are assigned to the Second Support Fleet (Kongō and Hiei) and the Fourth Fleet (Haruna and Kirishima) during the Battle of the Sea in Front of the Naval Base. During the Battle of W island, they operated together as members of the Second Fleet (第二艦隊 Dai-ni kantai), and later as part of the Southwest Area Fleet during the Battle of Southwest Area.
These four kanmusu have different personalities. Kongō is cheerful and has a habit of mixing English words into her speech, reflecting the fact that the ship whose spirit she represents was built in England. Hiei has an elder sister complex towards Kongō, right down to being jealous whenever she is ignored. Haruna is humble and speaks in third person, while Kirishima has a habit of testing microphones.
During Operation MO and Operation FS Kongō is transferred to the Fifth Mobile Fleet, where she operates separate from her sister ships.
Nagato (長門), Mutsu (陸奥)
Voiced by: Ayane Sakura
Two battleships who take on a command role from within the communications room of the naval base, relaying orders from the admiral to the fleets. Nagato does most of the commanding, while Mutsu acts as an assistant. Nagato is the serious and no-nonsense voice of authority but has a soft spot for cute animals and acts gruff to conceal her softer side, while Mutsu is more demure and seductive.
Yamato (大和)
Voiced by: Ayana Taketatsu
The most powerful naval vessel ever floated, she is the navy's trump card and her existence has been kept a secret. She runs a forward base in Truk Lagoon during Operation FS. However, due to her need for large quantities of food and supplies, she has limited experience at sea. Historically, her living conditions were luxurious hence her nickname "Hotel Yamato", a moniker she dislikes.

Heavy cruisers

Light cruisers

Sendai (川内), Jintsū (神通), Naka (那珂)
Voiced by: Ayane Sakura
Three light cruisers belonging to the Third Torpedo Squadron. They give Fubuki different training sessions unique to them. Sendai trains Fubuki in balancing (since Special Type Destroyers tend to randomly lose balance), Jintsū in target accuracy, and Naka in confidence (i.e. smiling and standing out in front of other kanmusu). Jintsū is the flagship of the Third Torpedo Squadron.
These three kanmusu have different characteristics. Sendai looks energetic and loves night battles. Jintsū is gentle and quiet but also responsible. Naka is always active and happy, likes singing and dancing, even identifying herself as the idol of the fleet.
Naka would later be transferred to another fleet which also consists of former Third Torpedo Squadron member Yūdachi during Operation FS.


Mamiya (間宮)
Voiced by: Yui Horie
A food supply ship who works as a chef at the naval base's restaurant and sweets cafe Mamiya (甘味処 間宮 Kanmi-dokoro Mamiya). She mostly makes sweets like parfait for the kanmusu.
Admiral (Commander) (提督 (司令官) Teitoku (Shireikan))
The admiral of all the kanmusu, only shown through shadow or first-person view. It's assumed that the faceless and voiceless portrayal is in order to not interfere with the viewers' own vision of the admiral, as the game's admirals are the players themselves. The Admiral's gender is also ambiguous, though Crunchyroll's subtitled release refers to them as male.


The series is directed by Keizō Kusakawa, with the script written by Jukki Hanada,[13] and features the voice cast from the original game.[14][15] The show's premiere screening event took place at Shinjuku Piccadilly on December 27, 2014.[16] The series aired in Japan between January 8 and March 26, 2015 and was simulcast by Crunchyroll.[17][18] The series is licensed in Australia by Madman Entertainment.[19] The Blu-ray and DVD editions of the first volume were released on March 27, 2015. The opening theme song is "Miiro" (海色, "Ocean Color") performed by Akino from bless4, and the ending theme is "Fubuki" (吹雪, "Blizzard") by Shiena Nishizawa.[12] A sequel was announced at the end of episode 12, however the format and air date has yet to be determined.

Episode list

No. Title Original airdate[20]
1 "Hello! Commander!"
"Hajimemashite! Shireikan!" (初めまして!司令官!) 
January 8, 2015
Fubuki arrives at the naval base as a newcomer to the Third Torpedo Squadron, where she is introduced by Mutsuki to the rest of her squadron. After an abrupt meeting and exchange of greetings with Akagi of the First Carrier Division during her flight drills, Fubuki spends recreational time with her new squad-mates. Meanwhile, the Fourth Fleet locates the base of the enemy abyssal fleet, and the admiral orders a fleet assembled to commence an assault as the Fourth Fleet retreats. The First Carrier Task Force, Second Support Fleet and Third Torpedo Squadron are summarily sortied, however to the dismay of Fubuki's squadron, they learn that Fubuki has never engaged in battle before. The squadron encounters and engages a group of enemy destroyers, and just as Fubuki is close to being annihilated by one, the enemy group is destroyed by aircraft of the First Carrier Division. 
2 "Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Resentment!"
"Motorazu, Hajizu, Uramazu!" (悖らず、恥じず、憾まず!) 
January 15, 2015
Fubuki has decided to become as strong as Akagi, so she can fight in the same fleet as her. Fubuki is then given a series of training sessions from other kanmusu; including but not limited to; balancing, target practice, and confidence boosting. Meanwhile, Akagi is having a target practice training session with Kaga supervising. During the school session, Ashigara punishes Yūdachi for not doing her homework by giving her more homework. Ashigara then gives the destroyer a question about Type 93 Torpedoes only for Fubuki to whisper the answer in order to cheat, but Ashigara accepts the answer anyway. Ashigara then gives Fubuki a question about oxygen torpedoes, as the destroyer answers it correctly. Not long after school, after many attempts of balancing training from Sendai, Fubuki decided to talk to Akagi at the hot springs only to run into the recently-repaired Atago instead. Fubuki would later attempt to smile with Naka as her trainer, much to her embarrassment, as she would later be sleepless and get sleepy the next day. Fubuki would later continue her balancing training with Sendai as night falls. 
3 "The Operation to Capture W Island!"
"U-Tō Kōryaku Sakusen!" (W島攻略作戦!) 
January 22, 2015
Fubuki's squadron, the Third Torpedo Squadron, and the Fourth Torpedo Squadron consisting of Yūbari, Kuma, Tama, Mochizuki, Yayoi, and Kisaragi are sent to an operation to defeat an enemy torpedo squadron residing in the W island by luring them out during night. Fubuki becomes nervous about the operation as she is still not confident in her abilities. However her friends cheer her up and wishes her good luck in the operation, and in the morning, Fubuki meets Akagi during morning practice. Akagi gives Fubuki some inspiring advice as a Kanmusu, letting Fubuki gain more confidence in herself. The Third and Fourth Torpedo Squadron are sent to the operation during daytime in order to do reconnaissance over the enemy fleet until night time to initiate their mission. However their operation is put on halt when two enemy Nu-class Light Aircraft Carriers discover the location of Fubuki's squadron, forcing them to retreat and run away from the enemy torpedo squadron who starts chasing after them, while facing several numbers of Abyssal enemy aircraft. Through the efforts of Fubuki's squadron, the Fourth Torpedo Squadron, and thanks to the reinforcements by the Second Fleet consisting of Kongō, Hiei, Haruna, and Kirishima, who had arrived after an expedition, the enemy torpedo squadron is forced to retreat and the enemy Nu-class Light Aircraft Carriers are defeated. However, Kisaragi is sunk by a bomber while patrolling alone. 
4 "Now It's Our Turn! Follow me!"
"Watashi-tachi no Deban ne! Forō mī!" (私たちの出番ネ! Follow me!) 
January 29, 2015
Mutsuki, who had grown fond of Kisaragi, remains in denial about her death, continuing to wait at the docks for her return. Whilst wondering how to go about helping her, Fubuki, along with destroyer Shimakaze, are assigned on a mission with the four Kongō sisters; Kongō, Hiei, Haruna, and Kirishima, to battle against the abyssal fleet in rainy conditions. On the day of the mission, Fubuki and the others have to find a way to bring out Shimakaze, who is eventually lured in by a tea party. During the mission, Fubuki's concerns over Mutsuki starts to overwhelm her, but Kongō saves her and calms her down before finishing off the enemy fleet. Upon returning home, Fubuki embraces Mutsuki, holding her tightly until she lets out all of her emotions over Kisaragi and finally accepts the loss. 
5 "Don't Compare Me to the Girls in Carrier Group Five!"
"Gokōsen no Ko nanka to Issho ni Shinaide!" (五航戦の子なんかと一緒にしないで!) 
February 5, 2015
The admiral announces a reorganization of the fleets, so Fubuki and the rest of the Third Torpedo Squardron spend their last night together to continue their spirit in whatever fleet they end up in. Fubuki ends up in the Fifth Mobile Fleet along with Kongō, Kitakami, Ōi, Kaga, and Zuikaku, quickly discovering that the latter two don't get along with each other since they are from different Carrier Groups. As Fubuki laments her experience, she learns from Akagi that the splits were made to prepare the girls for a counterattack mission against the Abyssal. With the unit arguing over who should be the flagship, the girls take turns being the flagship, each one turning out to be a failure due to their own selfishness. Just as Zuikaku contemplates asking the admiral to reassign the groups, the unit is launched an attack on the Abyssal, with Fubuki calmly giving out orders before acting as a decoy, allowing the unit to defeat the enemy. Impressed by her ability to take command, the unit unanimously nominate Fubuki to be the flagship and start to get along with each other better. 
6 "Destroyer Division Six and the Battle of Curry Seas!"
"Dai-Roku-Kuchikutai, Karē-yō Sakusen!" (第六駆逐隊、カレー洋作戦!) 
February 12, 2015
The annual curry contest is announced, with the winning curry recipe to be used on the official menu. The Sixth Destroyer Division, consisting of Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi and Inazuma, hope to win the contest in order to become proper ladies, but none of them have made curry before. Despite running into various mishaps in their attempts to successfully make curry, the group nonetheless remain determined. On the day of the contest, most of the competing teams end up knocking themselves out, leaving just Division Six against Ashigara and Haguro, who prove to be intimidating opponents. After judging both entries, Nagato judges Division Six's mild curry as the winner, for the reason that she cannot handle spicy foods. 
7 "I Hate Carrier Group One!"
"Ikkōsen nante, Dai-kkkirai!" (一航戦なんて、大ッッキライ!) 
February 19, 2015
During a skirmish against the Abyssal by Mobile Unit Five, Kaga gets damaged while protecting Zuikaku, who failed to notice a torpedo whilst trying to show Kaga up. With an important mission taking place the next day and no instant repairs available, Nagato assigns Shōkaku to take Kaga's place while she undergoes repairs, also sharing with Fubuki some concerns the Admiral has had concerning the Abyssal. During the mission, Fubuki, having learned that the Abyssal may be aware of their codes, has Shōkaku and Zuikaku send out recon planes to her suspicions after the main fleet is attacked and one girl is adrift due to hidden dive bombers. As Fubuki and the others engage and destroy one carrier fleet, Shōkaku and Zuikaku find themselves caught in an ambush by another carrier group lying in wait, unable to send out additional planes or contact the others with Shōkaku being badly damaged. Remembering Kaga's words, Zuikaku bets on the slim chance of hope by hiding in a nearby squall and manages to hold out until Fubuki and the others come to their aid and fend off the enemy, damaging the carrier and sinking the rest of its fleet, forcing it to retreat into the squall. 
8 "I'm Not a Hotel!"
"Hoteru ja Arimasen!" (ホテルじゃありませんっ!) 
February 26, 2015
Following their battle, Fubuki's group arrive at Truk Island where the base for Operation FS is located, where they meet a battleship named Yamato, who has never actually been out to sea. Recalling how she herself wasn't allowed into battle when she started out, Fubuki tries to get Yamato to go swimming with her, but is immediately shut down by Nagato. Later that night, Fubuki takes Yamato out in secret, but as soon as Yamato sets foot on the water, she becomes incredibly hungry. Nagato later explains that the reason Yamato isn't sent out is because of how much fuel and resources she consumes. After getting some inspiration from Mutsuki and Yūdachi, Fubuki builds a raft so that they can take Yamato out onto the sea without using any of her resources. Along the way, they come across some airborne Abyssal, which Yamato manages to destroy with her weapons, earning some slight praise from Nagato. 
9 "Second Remodel-poi?!"
"Kai Ni-ppoi?!" (改二っぽい?!) 
March 5, 2015
Yūdachi suddenly starts emitting a weird glow and is taken into the factory. When Fubuki and Mutsuki go to visit her, they discover Yūdachi has been 'remodeled' into a completely different person with new equipment as a result of her experience. Later that night, Yūdachi learns she is being transferred to Carrier Group One, while Fubuki is informed that Mobile Unit Five is being disbanded and she is being sent back to the Naval District. She is distraught, until she watches Yūdachi training with her new gear and learns that the other destroyer girls have been looking up to Fubuki as a role-model and giving them the drive to work harder. While Fubuki and her escorts sail to the Naval District, a familiar Wo-class carrier sends out an attack wing of fighter/bombers to attack the base. While no ships are lost in the attack, the commander ends up missing as he stays behind to ensure everyone else is safe. After the fleet girls work together to rebuild the facility, Nagato announces that, per the Admiral's final orders before his disappearance, that Fubuki is to be remodeled. 
10 "Let's Do Our Best!"
"Ganbatte Ikimashō!" (頑張っていきましょー!) 
March 12, 2015
As Nagato and the other command girls try to determine from the Admiral's orders where the Abyssal base is, Fubuki ups her training in the hopes of gaining the necessary requirements to be remodeled, leaving Mutsuki downhearted as she gets to spend less time with her. When Fubuki and the reformed Third Torpedo Squadron encounter the Abyssal during a scouting mission, Fubuki rushes in hoping to increase her experience while taking heavy damage in the process, barely making it out alive. When she wakes up in the docks, she is scolded by Mutstuki, who does not want to lose her like Kisaragi. Later that night Fubuki finds her and apologizes, telling her about when she first met the commander and the words he told her shortly after she arrived which inspired her to pursue her own dream of helping everyone which is witnessed by Akagi and Kaga. The next day, as Akagi requests Fubuki to escort her during her next mission, but Kaga decides to test Fubuki to see if she is worthy by pitting her against their planes. Despite struggling a lot and taking severe damage, Fubuki receives encouragement from both Akagi and Mutsuki and passes the test earning the right to become remodeled, though her remodel isn't too different from her previous one (compared to Yūdachi). Afterwards Nagato declares MI base the next target for the fleets counterattack. 
11 "Operation MI Begins!"
"Emu Ai Sakusen! Hatsudō!" (MI作戦!発動!) 
March 19, 2015
After Akagi has a nightmare in which her fleet is totally defeated during the operation, she asks Nagato to change the operation protocol, hoping to prevent the disaster she feels will be waiting for them. Shortly afterwards Nagato announces the battle fleet, including Carrier Group One and Two, Kongō and Hiei, Fubuki, Yūdachi, and Kitakami, is to meet Yamato and other ships to attack MI with a second fleet doing a feint on a smaller base. Fubuki, Yūdachi and Mutsuki meet and promise to come back safely, while Mutsu tries to comfort Nagato, who is doubting the mission. As the mission begins, Akagi decides to leave Kongō and Fubuki to wait for the others while the carriers begin the attack. They discover an Airfield Princess and launch a surprise attack, severely damaging her, but as they get ready for the second wave, the one eyed Wo-class carrier launches its own surprise attack with two Nu-class carriers, several destroyers and a torpedo and light cruiser. With her bow destroyed and her teammates taking heavy damage, Akagi, feeling that she had failed to change fate, remains motionless as a bomber heads towards her. 
12 "Enemy Planes Dive-Bombing From Above!"
"Tekki Chokujō, Kyūkōka!" (敵機直上、急降下!) 
March 26, 2015
Fubuki arrives in time to save Akagi, shortly thereafter joined by Kongou, Yamato's Fleet, and a large number of reinforcements, helping the fleet get back on the offensive. After Akagi and Kaga receive extra ammunition from Zuikaku and Shokaku and disable the Airfield Princess' runway, Yamato uses her firepower to defeat her and destroy the base. As another Abyssal fleet appears, Yamato explains there is some strange power making events of the past repeat itself, which is made evident as the Airfield Princess regenerates herself and grows stronger. The group are assisted by the arrival of Nagato, who arrives with the entire fleet after having determined the true meaning behind the Admiral's plans, but still find themselves unable to prevent the Airfield Princess, now the Midway Princess, from regenerating. However, they are joined by the armored carrier Taihou, who was sent out by the safely returned Admiral, while Fubuki defeats the remaining Wo-class carrier, putting an end to the Airfield Princess' regeneration and leading to her defeat. With all the ships returning safely to the Naval District, Fubuki is once again greeted by the Admiral. 


The first volume of the anime ranked second place within Oricon's weekly anime Blu-ray sales charts during its first week of release, selling 16,789 units and trailing behind the limited edition Blu-ray boxset of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works;[21] the same volume also placed third within the anime DVD sales charts, with 3,184 units sold.[22]

Jonathan Gad of Vice claims that the Kantai Collection television anime series is historically revisionist, criticising the show's depiction of the Japanese protagonists being victorious over the Battle of Midway.[23]


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