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Downtown Venice (Venice Avenue West)

The Kentucky Military Institute (KMI) was a military preparatory school in Lyndon, Kentucky and Venice, Florida, in operation from 1845 to 1971.

One of the oldest traditional military prep schools in the United States, KMI was maintained in the vein of the Virginia Military Institute, in that all of its students were classified as cadets. It was founded in 1845 by Colonel Robert Thomas Pritchard Allen (September 26, 1813 to July 9, 1888) and chartered by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1847.

KMI wintered in Eau Gallie, Florida from 1907 to 1921 when the campus there burned to the ground.[1]

Due to financial troubles, the Florida campus moved many times in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and was closed in 1924; it reopened the next year. It moved to Venice, Florida in 1932, where winter classes were already being held. Charles B. Richmond was appointed as superintendent and the school thrived until the late 1960s. The main campus in Lyndon, Kentucky which was located on the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky began its decline when dwindling interest in enrolling in the military, coupled with higher tuition fees, caused the school further financial trouble. Its final class of cadets graduated in 1971, and its doors closed for good that summer. It re-opened the next year as the Kentucky Academy and became a non-military co-ed school. However, it was soon merged into Kentucky Country Day School. Millersburg Military Institute is now the only military school in Kentucky.

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