Ministry of Defence (Ghana)

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Ministry of Defence
Agency overview
Formed 1957
Jurisdiction Government of Ghana
Headquarters Ghana Accra, Ghana
Minister responsible
Child agency
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Ministry of Defence (MoD) of the government of Ghana, is the governmental department responsible for defending the Republic of Ghana from internal and external military threats and promotion of Ghanaian national defence interests. The MoD political head is the Defence Minister of Ghana, and its offices are located in Accra, Greater Accra.[1]

National security

The ministry improves national security through:

  • the effective formulation, co-ordination, monitoring and evaluation of defence policies and programmes that it has developed
  • the maintenance of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) in a high state of preparedness for national and international assignment
  • the active involvement in the promotion of peace and stability in the country and the sub-region.[2]

Aims and Objectives of MoD

The ministry is guided by the following principles:[2]

  • to enhance defence Policy and Control for effective national defence
  • to improve the state of combat readiness for the Ghana Armed Forces
  • to aid in the country's economic growth by creating a peaceful environment for trade etc.
  • to improve logistics and infrastructure facilities for training and deployment
  • to improve civil-military relations.


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