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A registration authority or maintenance agency is a body given the responsibility of maintaining lists of codes under international standards and issuing new codes to those wishing to register them[citation needed]. The equivalent organization for Internet standards is the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.[1]

ISO standards

ISO standards having registration authorities are:

  • ISO 4—defines a uniform system for the abbreviation of journal titles
  • ISO 639—lists short codes for language names
  • ISO 2108—International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs)
  • ISO/IEC 2375 -- Procedure for registration of escape sequences and coded character sets, which governs registrations for ISO/IEC 646 (7-bit character codes) and ISO/IEC 2022 (extended character codes)
  • ISO 3166—codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions
  • ISO 3297—used to identify a print or electronic periodical publication (ISSN)
  • ISO 3779—used to uniquely identify motor vehicles
  • ISO 3780—used to uniquely identify motor vehicles
  • ISO 3901—code for uniquely identifying sound recordings and music video recordings
  • ISO 4100—code used to uniquely identify manufacturers of vehicle parts
  • ISO 4217—describing three-letter codes to define the names of currencies
  • ISO 4343—numerical control of machines
  • ISO 6166—uniquely identifies a fungible security
  • ISO 6346—unique codes to freight containers
  • ISO 6523—uniquely identifying organizations in computer data interchange
  • ISO 7350—text communication - (see also ISO 10367 - 8-bit character codes)
  • ISO 7372—lists international standard data elements
  • ISO/IEC 7812—governing identification cards
  • ISO/IEC 7816—electronic identification cards
  • ISO 7942—standard for low-level computer graphics
  • ISO 8583—standard for systems that exchange electronic transactions made by cardholders
  • ISO 8632—metafile for the storage and transfer of picture description information
  • ISO 8651—standard for low-level computer graphics
  • ISO 8802—Information processing systems
  • ISO 8805—standard for low-level computer graphics
  • ISO 8806—standard for low-level computer graphics
  • ISO 8824—formal notation used for describing data transmitted by telecommunications protocols
  • ISO/IEC 9070 -- Information technology -- SGML support facilities -- Registration procedures for public text owner identifiers. Describes the procedures whereby assignments of owner prefixes to owners of public text are made.[2]
  • ISO 9141—vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability
  • ISO 9281—information technology - picture coding methods
  • ISO 9362—standard format of Bank Identifier Codes
  • ISO 9592—API standard for rendering 3D computer graphics
  • ISO 9593—API standard for rendering 3D computer graphics
  • ISO 9636—information technology - computer graphics
  • ISO 9834—information technology - open systems interconnection
  • ISO 9897—freight containers - general communication codes
  • ISO 9973—information technology - computer graphics
  • ISO 9979—register of cryptographic algorithms
  • ISO 10036—describes how to add glyphs to an international standard for glyphs
  • ISO 10160—defines the terminology that is used for interlibrary loan transactions
  • ISO 10161—defines the interlibrary loan application protocol
  • ISO 10383—defines codes for stock markets
  • ISO 10444—information and documentation - international standard technical report number
  • ISO 10486—Car radio identification number
  • ISO 10641—information technology - computer graphics and image processing
  • ISO 10957—ten-character alphanumeric identifier for printed music
  • ISO 10962—classification of financial instruments
  • ISO 11076—aerospace—aircraft de-icing/anti-icing methods with fluids
  • ISO 11576—IT - registration of algorithms for lossless compression
  • ISO 13499—describes the exchange of multimedia vehicle safety test data
  • ISO 13522—IT - coding of multimedia and hypermedia information
  • ISO 13764—space data and information transfer systems
  • ISO 13800—IT - registration of identifiers and attributes for volume and file structure
  • ISO 13818—generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio
  • ISO 14496—MPEG-4
  • ISO 15022—securities messaging standard
  • ISO 15292—registration of procedures used in computer security evaluation
  • ISO 15511—assigns a unique number to every library in the world
  • ISO 15706—unique identifier for audiovisual works and related versions
  • ISO 15707—unique identifier for musical works
  • ISO 15897—registration of new POSIX locales and POSIX charmaps
  • ISO 15924—codes for the representation of names of writing systems
  • ISO 18245—the assignment of Merchant Category Codes
  • ISO 21000—MPEG-21
  • ISO 23950—protocol for searching and retrieving information from remote computer databases
  • ISO/IEC 24727—Identification cards - Integrated circuit card programming interfaces

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