Takla Maryam

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Takla Maryam
Reign 1433
Predecessor Andreyas
Successor Sarwe Iyasus
Issue Baeda Maryam I
Dynasty Solomonic dynasty
Father Yeshaq I

Takla Maryam (Ge'ez: ተክለ ማርያም takla māryām "Plant of Mary," Amh. tekle māryām, throne name Hezba Nañ ህዝበ ናኝ hizba nāñ) was Emperor (nəgusä nägäst) (1430–1433) of Ethiopia. A member of the Solomonic dynasty, he was the second son of Yeshaq I.[citation needed]

Manoel de Almeida remarks that the descendants of Takla Maryam had been taken from Amba Geshen by Emperor Zara Yaqob and "exiled to hot lands where there are many diseases"; when his son Emperor Baeda Maryam I, early in his reign, attempted to redress this injury by recalling them from exile, they slew his messengers. Although Baeda Maryam I promptly took punitive measures (which included decapitating 80 of their members), in de Almeida's day they were "still rigorously watched".[1]


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Preceded by
Emperor of Ethiopia
Succeeded by
Sarwe Iyasus